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FCP Euro: The Luxury Car Owner’s Savior

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

Finding car parts is difficult enough when you’re dealing with an American made car, but if you’re looking for European car parts in the United States it can seem like an impossible task.  The Jaguar is the top British luxury car, but despite its popularity it can be nearly impossible to find Jaguar parts in the United States.  If you’re somehow lucky enough to find what you need, you get the pleasure of paying extra money in freight jaguarand occasional “finders” fees.  That’s why it was such a shock to find FCP Euro, a car parts distributor located in America that actually carries a wide selection of European car parts.  They didn’t just have Jaguar parts; they have parts for almost every foreign made car.  After you learn about FCP Euro business practices, you’ll never buy from another parts distributor again.

Wide Selection

If there’s one problem that people repeatedly mention about buying foreign luxury car parts on American soil, it’s the abysmal lack of variety in what’s available.  Luxury car part distributors usually only carry parts for a single brand, and even then their stock can be rather limited.  FCP Euro’s selection of Jaguar parts was a sight to behold, they had everything from spark plugs and transmission hoses to external mirrors and specialized maintenance equipment.

Unlike other luxury car part distributors FCP Euro doesn’t limit themselves to selling for a single auto company, FCP carries parts for every major European car manufacturer.  The FCP business could be your one stop shop for every foreign car part.  FCP Euro also owns FCP Import, another online car parts distributor that stocks parts for nearly every import car.  You won’t just find your typical Toyota parts, they carry everything from Hyundai and Honda to Acura and Infiniti.

Real Parts

It seems like today everybody is trying to make a quick buck by copying somebody else’s work, and unfortunately it looks like car part counterfeiting businesses are particularly profitable.  Luxury car parts can be expensive, and keeping your top of the line cars in perfect condition can get pricey.  That’s why counterfeiting expensive car parts has become such a profitable market, fake manufacturers make big bucks and auto-mechanics that buy the knock-off parts save money.

FCP Euro (and FCP Import) is one of the few online sellers of genuine foreign car parts.  They buy the same car parts that actual manufacturers use, so you know that you’re getting authentic materials.  Unlike other car part dealers they offer one-year and limited lifetime warranties on all of their parts.  Their customers can rest easy knowing that they’ll be covered in case any problems with their FCP Euro parts arise.

It’s time for luxury car enthusiasts to stop searching eBay and Craigslist for affordable car parts, FCP Euro and FCP Important can give you the high quality parts you need at a reasonable price.

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Useful Idaho Auto Insurance and Vehicle Registration Facts

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

Idaho Liability Insurance Requirements for Private Passenger Vehicles

Idaho Auto Insurance Liability Minimum:

* $25,000 for injury/death for one person.

* $50,000 for injury/death to more than one person

* $15,000 for damage to property.

NOTE: Operators of off-road all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and motorbikes must comply with financial responsibility requirements when riding on public roads.

Financial Responsibility And Proof of Auto Insurance

Upon registering your vehicle you’ll be asked to sign a statement confirming your auto is insured. Idaho requires you to carry proof of insurance whenever driving your automobile. To comply with this you must have:

* An insurance identification card provided by your carrier.

* Proof of an indemnity bond provided either by your broker or the DMV.

Idaho first time registration

There are several reasons you may need to register your vehicle for a first time, including:

* Established Idaho residency

* Purchased a used car from a private party

* Transferred ownership to you via gift, family or inheritance

Upon buying a auto within state lines, you have 30 days to register it. There is a $20 late fee if this time period is exceeded. If you are transferring a vehicle from another state, the 30-day clock begins the day you bring it into Idaho.

If you just became a resident of Idaho, you have 90 days to register with Idaho’s Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

NOTE: Before registering, you must first title your vehicle.

Idaho Vehicle Registration Renewal

This service is currently available for registrants in the following counties:
Ada, Adams, Bannock, Bear Lake, Bingham, Blaine, Boise, Bonneville, Camas, Canyon, Caribou, Cassia, Custer, Elmore, Fremont, Gem, Gooding, Idaho, Jerome, Kootenai, Latah, Madison, Minidoka, Oneida, Owyhee, Payette, Shoshone, Twin Falls, Valley and Washington County

Commercial vehicles need to Use the Full Fee Vehicle Registration Renewal.

The following plate types can not currently be renewed online in Idaho: Boats, Classic, Dealer, Exempt, Legislative, Loaner, Off-Road, Old Timer, Repossession, Snowmobiles and Transporter.

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Etiquette Of An Automobile Accident Without Injuries

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

Your teenage daughter misjudges the distance when she goes around a turning automobile, and taps into the vehicles back bumper. The other driver, an elderly lady, appears fine. She states, “It’s Thanksgiving time, and I’m ok. Don’t worry about it.”

Auto Insurance Accident

Auto Insurance Accident

You were in the car with your daughter and thought that was a reasonable attitude, and left the scene. So you go home with your turkey and 5 pounds of potatoes to have a nice life.

A couple weeks go bye, and your car insurance company calls you to tell you that the lady is suing them and you for lost wages, injuries to her neck and back, and pain and suffering.

What did you do wrong? That so-called accident was only a small bump that didn’t even scratch the paint. That lady couldn’t have been injured your terrified daughter tells your auto insurance company’s attorney.

Attorney! Holy cow.

No one can say what might happen when cars tap. But there are things you can do to make sure fender-benders don’t become the headache of the decade.

Your first thought is most likely to call the police. But in some municipalities, the police only respond if there are injuries. In a lot of states, a minor accident without injuries and damage less then $500 means you don’t need to call the police to the scene.  You are allowed to file a report later. Know the laws where you live and where you may be traveling. Then, by following the steps below – even if the police are not present – you can protect yourself from fake claims and help your auto insurance provider make the best decisions:

  • First, obey the law. Every jurisdiction through out the country requires motorists to carry their license, auto insurance information, and registration. Be sure all family drivers have this information available whenever behind the wheel.
  • Second, take pictures. Keep a disposable camera in the glove compartment or use the camera on your phone and use it if in a fender bender. Pictures can help with validating repair estimates and whether the force of the accident was likely to cause injuries that may later be filed by the other driver or passengers.  Also, make sure to take pictures of all the people in the other car/cars, preferably while they are still in their vehicle or at least while they are all still present at the scene. Why? To protect against fraud schemes. In an attempt to get bigger settlements from the insurance companies, people are known to come forward and say they were also in the vehicle and also suffered injuries.  Take photos at the site of the accident. Having pictures of the vehicles ‘on location’ can clarify your case to the claims adjuster. Jot down the specifics of where the accident happened as well, for example: “Going west on First Ave approaching the intersection of Main Street and First Ave, about 50 feet before the stop sign.”
  • Third, get the names and addresses of any witnesses. Some may be wary to give you their information; but be persistent within reason.
  • Fourth, make sure to get the other drivers information. Be certain to include name, address, phone number, driver’s license number, license plate number, policy number and the name of the other driver’s insurance company including insurance company’s phone number.  The telephone number will be listed on the insurance card. If the driver is not named on the insurance card, find out the relationship between the driver and that person and write it down, also include that person’s address and phone information, if different than the drivers. Then, include a description of the other automobile, including year, make, model and color.
  • Lastly, don’t open your mouth. Under no circumstances tell the other driver, “It was your fault,” even if it was. Remember, there are unscrupulous people out there who stage accidents for the insurance money, and you could have been set up by one of these criminals. Even if it was a bona fide accident, let the insurance companies or police determine blame – or no blame. Some of us feel so badly and emotional after an accident, especially if the other driver seems to have come undone, that we are more likely to accept blame even though it wasn’t your fault.

OK. Now you can go home and prepare Thanksgiving Dinner…make sure to drive even more carefully in the future this way you can avoid having to perform this tricky scene again.

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Minor Car Accidents – A Minute By Minute Survival Guide

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

What do you do if you have a minor collision with another vehicle on the road?

First 30 seconds:

1.Stay in the car.
2.Put your emergency flashers and headlights on full beam.
3.Switch off the engine.
4.Apply the handbrake.
5.Take deep breaths.
6.Check your passengers, especially children and old people are OK.

Second 30 seconds, if no-one is more than shaken up:

1.Check for signs of aggression from the other driver
2.If other driver is aggressive, stay in the car and ring the police.
3.If other driver is behaving in a reasonable way then open your door and get out.
4.Remember that everyone has elevated adrenaline levels in this situation and strive to think – calm.
5.Call the police

Next 4 minutes:

1.Consider whether your passengers are safer inside the car or outside.
2.Ask nearby drivers for their details and if they would be willing to act as witnesses.
3.Talk to the other driver, but never admit any responsibility for the accident.
4.Leave the car where it is, until the police have arrived, even if it is causing an obstruction.

Next 5 minutes:

1.Take photographs of cars and licence plates. Discretely try to include the other driver in your shots.
2.Take photos of the junction and road layout where the accident happened. Include road condition and weather.
3.Make notes. Was the other car driving with headlights? Was the other driver wearing glasses, or sunglasses? Did the other driver seem distracted by children or anything else in the car. Was the other driver drinking, using a phone or smoking when theaccident happened?

Next 15 minutes:

1.By now the police should have arrived. Answer their questions and stay calm.
2.Tell the police officer of any observations that are relevant, such as if the other driver was using a phone, or had no lights on.
3.Move your vehicle once the police officer has completed any measurements or other necessary observations.
4.Ask the police officer what the next stage is. Will there be any prosecution?
5.The police officer may give you an indication whether your vehicle is safe to drive home.
6.Make sure the police officer gives you an Incident Number and his or her name and number.
7.If your vehicle cannot be driven call a vehicle recovery service.


Call your insurance company and ask for a list of autobody repair facilities that they deal with in your area. Find help at

Your insurer will almost certainly have a list of Approved Repairers. These will be companies that the insurer has found inspected and found acceptable. Many companies will inflate estimates if they know that the bill is going to be paid by an insurance company. The estimates provided by Approved Repairers have been judged reasonable and uninflated.

The workshop receives a large part of its business from the insurance companies so are well motivated to stick to their rules, and not to add on damage repairs not arising from the insured accident.

To receive approval status the bodyshop will need to have jigs, paint-shops and ovens to heat the painted parts to ensure the work is up to the original quality.

While your car is in the bodyshop, ask them for estimates to make good any other body work damage that has not arisen from the accident. You will have to pay for this yourself, but the price is likely to be lower than if you just drove in off the street to have those jobs done.

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How To Find Amazing Deals On Online Auto Insurance

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

The ability to buy online auto insurance has changed the way people shop for insurance forever. Gone are the days of pulling out the Yellow Pages, calling multiple companies for quotes, waiting days for someone to call you back with a quote (if they called you back at all!), comparing the quotes, trying to figure out if the policies and deductibles were the same for all the quotes, and finally – purchasing a policy and hoping it will be as good as your last one.

Thanks to the magic of online auto insurance quotes, all of the above hassle is no longer necessary. Each of the major auto insurance companies has a system for providing quotes online, and many comparison sites have sprung up that allow you to quickly compare several major companies against each other.

The best part is that you can easily adjust your deductibles to instantly see how it will ultimately affect your total premium. This is the ideal way to learn just how much you are going to pay for auto insurance and to determine just which of the auto insurance carriers will offer you specifically the lowest of rates.

Purchasing your auto insurance via the web is very convenient and simple. Despite the fact that many insurance companies earn less money as a result of having a more informed consumer, this is offset by the fact that these companies don’t lose valuable employee time doing nothing but rate quotes all day long for people. You can search for rate quotes, and make changes over and over again, and you are under no obligation until you decide on a policy, and go through the purchasing process.

Many companies have even developed the technology to let you print out your mandatory insurance cards to place in your vehicle as soon as you complete your purchase. This saves the time and hassle of waiting for these insurance cards to show up in the mail. Some companies are even starting to provide your entire policy as a printout, though they still must send a form for you to sign and mail back.

For most of us, it is necessary to track down the cheapest possible rates, while making sure we choose a company that will stand behind us in the event of an accident. It’s the ultimate balancing act. Some of the review sites online will even provide you with a companies A.M. Best rating, designed to give you an idea of the overall quality of the companies you are comparing. Again, this removes another part of the uncertainty of choosing online auto insurance.

For all of the amazing ways that buying online auto insurance can save you time, money, hassles, and headaches, you may never have to open that section of the Yellow Pages again.

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It Will Eventually Happen To You. What To Do When You Have To File An Auto Insurance Claim

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

It’s bound to happen. Sooner or later, if you drive long enough, you’re likely to have some sort of automobile accident. With luck, it will be minor. But irregardless, knowing how to handle an auto insurance claim can possibly save you thousands of dollars.

If you are involved in an accident, particularly in moderate to severe accidents, the first thing you need to do is contact the police. They will arrive quickly and help you sort out what happened, who may be at fault, and contact towing companies to remove your vehicle from the scene of the accident if necessary.

The second thing you should do is contact your insurance company. They will likely want the insurance information of the other driver. Get that information from the other driver if possible, but if they are angry or uncooperative, do not push them. They must give that info to the police, and your auto insurance company can get it that way if necessary in order to process your claim. It takes longer, but it can still be done. This also saves you from escalating an already stressful situation if the other driver is extremely agitated.

An auto insurance claim is simply a process by which you are covered in the event of an accident. If you were at fault in an accident, your insurance company will conduct an investigation, and pay for damages. This will likely result in an increase in your premium, or if you have had multiple accidents over the past few years, your insurance company may drop you completely.

If another party was at fault for the accident, your insurance company will handle to process of handling the claim with the other drivers insurance company. Depending on the severity of damage to your vehicle, they will either issue you a check for the current market value of the vehicle, or they will provide you with information about where you can take your vehicle for repair.

The process of filing auto insurance claims is a very stressful one. However, one possible benefit to this unfortunate event is that you learn quite a bit about your insurance company in the process. It’s very easy for companies to promise the world, until you actually need them. At this point, you have the opportunity to evaluate how they treat you as a paying customer. Are they responsive when you contact hem? Do they process your claim quickly? Do they get you back on the road with a repaired vehicle or a check in a timely manner? Do your rates go up? Do they drop you?

As difficult as it may be to go through, there is simply no better way then having to file an auto insurance claim, to find out if you are with the right company. Here’s hoping you don’t have to find this out for many, many years to come!

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Why You Should Consider Buying Your Auto Insurance Online

Monday, October 5th, 2009

Many would consider auto insurance as an added financial burden. And who would not ? Imagine paying for something that you are not sure if you will ever going to use. The worst thing is, auto insurance is not the product you can choose not to buy.

However, this is not to say that auto insurance is a total financial burden. It only says that there are products like auto insurance that the government imposes you to buy for your own sake even though you do not really like it. Nonetheless, you cannot do anything about it anymore and have to accept it as it should be.

Anyway, if you are ready to buy your next car insurance policy or ready your first car insurance policy, consider buying online. Why? Let us count the reasons?

As stated above, car insurance can be a burden primarily because of its cost. But would it be nice to know that you can certainly lower your car insurance cost using online resources?

Car insurance cost is influenced by many factors. The thing is there are factors you can change in order to lower the cost of your premium. Your car insurance broker may reveal the different ways on how to get cheap car insurance. But, it is always better to know this yourself? And you will know everything you need online.

Whether you are just inquiring or ready to buy your car insurance online, you can be sure that you get price quotes instantly. There are several auto insurance companies that offer free car insurance quotes. Five to ten minutes on each site will give you instant price quotes you need. This speed is not possible if you are doing it the traditional way.

Comparing these quotes will give you the edge on choosing which one is the cheapest (if you are after the price) and which one is the best (if you are after the quality of coverage being offered). You don’t have to wait for several hours, even days, to get a reply via mail. Within seconds, your quotes are already on your screen.

Furthermore, the internet can let you shop from several car insurance companies without leaving your home. It’s simple: you don’t waste your time and energy just to visit and inquire at different car insurance offices scattered across your state. Of course, that is not all. You can also get the ratings of these companies which are essential in your selection process. Here, you can differentiate those that give the right claims and those that are don?t.

You surely can remember the times when you have to pickup your heavy yellow pages and look for specific names for several minutes. Well, that is long been over with the revolution of the internet. You can now easily search for a particular company fast and easy.

Car insurance shopping may be very complicated for some. It may be very complicated for you too. But with the help of the internet, you surely eliminate the hustle of searching, calling, visiting and negotiating with different car insurance companies. Everything you need to know is online.

Think of it this way: you are the shopper; the internet is your car insurance shopping mall and information center you can easily access right at your very fingertips.
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United Auto Insurance- Are They The Top Company For You?

Monday, October 5th, 2009

United auto insurance is a large insurance provider today in Illinois and Indiana area. Many people have their insurance with United, and have found it very helpful.

Is it right for you? Here are some helpful tips to help you find out this important information.

First of all, United auto insurance has been around for 28 years, giving them a fair amount of experience in the insurance industry. Of course, there are many larger companies have had much more experience in the insurance industry; still 20 years is reasonable now to at least start with when looking for a good car insurance company

The company continues to grow each and every year, with more and more satisfied drivers each year. United makes it simple to pay because they accept every single type of payment available, including Visa, MasterCard, Discovery, American Express, and Western Union. They also take personal check be the phone.

In order to obtain an insurance policy with United auto insurance, you?ll need an SR 22. This is simply a certificate that you must get with this Secretary of State of either Illinois or Indiana, and usually ordered by a judge.

If you have been guilty of driving without insurance, driving under the influence, and had your driver?s license revoked, or your license plates have expired, this certificate is simply to inform the state of your Illinois or Indiana that you have liability insurance in it you will this money will not to come out of your pocket.

United Auto Insurance looks at several different factors that will affect your insurance rate, probably typical most insurance companies. These factors are gender, age, marital status, driving record, in type of vehicle. These are the main factors involved with just about any company look at.

Therefore, make sure that you have a good driving record in order to obtain the best rate possible. Also, check with which United to see what had discounts that they offer. Like most companies, Untied will probably give discounts when you perform certain tasks, such as taking a drivers education course.

Also, if you have a sports car or high performance car you think might cost you more money than the average auto, you might want to consider finding another car to save some money with. no, it might not be as sporty, but if it will save you some money with your auto insurance policy, it might be worth it. also, try to stay off the road as much as possible; very simply, United auto insurance, like other providers, looks at how much time you plan on spending on the road when determining how much you are going to pay for your auto insurance policy.

Obviously, the more you will be driving, the more likely you are to get in an accident; therefore, staying off the road at least as much as possible would probably be a good idea. Obviously, there are some things you just can?t avoid doing, but if you at least attempt to reduce your miles driven, you will save some extra cash.

Hopefully these tips will help you decide whether not United auto insurance is the right company for you. Of course, this answer will be different for everybody.

Keep in mind the company again only is 20 years of experience in auto insurance industry, putting them towards the bottom as far as the larger companies are concerned. Hopefully this information will help you to decide whether not United Auto insurance is the right company for you.

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