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Easy 2nd Income String For Realtors and Mortgage Reps

Friday, February 19th, 2010

Are you looking for a way to earn extra revenue while helping your clients and doing no extra work? Let me explain this very simple and exciting new program designed for Realtors to earn extra money.

We have designed a program that doesn’t cost you anything to take part, and once set up it works on auto pilot. You will be able to earn money and help your clients at the same time. This is a win-win every way you look at it.

Every Realtor knows that homeowners insurance is needed on every home purchase that has a mortgage. This is something that either the Realtor or the Mortgage rep has a conversation about with the client.

To read more or sign up for free go to:

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How to Succeed at Affiliate Marketing

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

With the explosion of entrepreneurial businesses opening around the globe, there has been a significant increase in interest in home-based an online businesses. If you are looking for a supplemental source of income or even a new career path, consider affiliate marketing as a way to improve your income levels.

How to Succeed?

The key issue in starting a successful affiliate marketing business is to understand your target market. This is a vital factor for any business’ success, but when discussing affiliate marketing, it becomes the central focus of the business itself.

Understanding your target market means that when you choose an affiliate marketing option, it should be of interest to your current websites audience. In other words, if you website is dedicated to insurance, then your affiliate links should be insurance related. Web consumers can smell a marketing ploy from a thousand paces and will be suspicious of any affiliate links that are not comparable to your site’s purpose. Your relevant links will get many more hits than those that look out of place within your site content.

Give it a Little Meat

In lieu of a long list of links that are posted to promote to your readers, take the time to lay out each link with a paragraph that will give your readers the background on the link and why you have included it as a benefit to them.

Try to make your link list about quality not quantity. If your readers see a long list of links and they feel they’re being sold, they may be less inclined to return to the site, which will reduce your chances of a successful affiliate marketing campaign.

Be Direct

Letting your readers know that you are offering the links as part of an affiliate marketing plan can increase your chances of success as well. If they already visit your site for your content, then  supporting your work and their approval of your site by clicking on your affiliate links is a good possibility.

It all comes back to knowing your customer and continuing your good business practices with them as you run your affiliate marketing plan.

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