What No-Fault Auto Insurance Doesn’t Cover

January 22nd, 2010
No Fault Coverage

No Fault Coverage

In most states, the no-fault law specifically excludes property damage liability for damage that you cause to the property of others. If you are at fault in such anaccident, you will be held liable and can be sued for these losses.

Only in a limited number of states does the no-fault law extend some coverage to damage you may cause another driver’s automobile. Furthermore, even in these limited cases, property damage liability coverage does not extend to your car. You must
buy a separate collision coverage to take care of this risk.

You should be aware that this is just  general overview of no-fault laws governing insurance. For specific information about the no fault law and insurance in your state, contact your state insurance department. Most state insurance departments have written consumer information that will outline the specific limits and responsibilities for auto insurance in their state.

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Today’s Insurance Safety Tips – Cold Weather

January 21st, 2010

It’s that time of the year again.  The chill creeps into you bones.  They also creep into the bones of you home and car.  Make sure to take some preventive measure to make sure you home and vehicle are in tip top shape.

You Home.  Make sure to turn off all water going to outside faucets as they may burst due to the cold.   If you have any pipes in outside soffits that you can get to make sure they are insulated.  Make sure outside gutters are clean.  In winter run off water can collect and freeze and if gutters are clogged it may cause water damage to roof and beams adjacent to the gutters and downspouts.

Car Maintenance.  Make sure your tire pressure is set correctly.  This helps with tire traction during cold weather.  Change your windshield washer fluid to a de-icer fluid during the winter.  This way it won’t freeze and you can use it to clear morning frost from your windshield.  Do a radiator flush changing your antifreeze this will help your car run better in cold weather.  Other things to consider is to keep a warm blank and some packaged food/snacks in the car in case you break down and need to stay the night.

As always if you are looking to save money on your insurance.  Take a look at Auto Insurance Quotes and Homeowners Insurance Quotes to compare rates from multiple companies by completing one simply form.

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Useful Idaho Auto Insurance and Vehicle Registration Facts

January 13th, 2010

Idaho Liability Insurance Requirements for Private Passenger Vehicles

Idaho Auto Insurance Liability Minimum:

* $25,000 for injury/death for one person.

* $50,000 for injury/death to more than one person

* $15,000 for damage to property.

NOTE: Operators of off-road all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and motorbikes must comply with financial responsibility requirements when riding on public roads.

Financial Responsibility And Proof of Auto Insurance

Upon registering your vehicle you’ll be asked to sign a statement confirming your auto is insured. Idaho requires you to carry proof of insurance whenever driving your automobile. To comply with this you must have:

* An insurance identification card provided by your carrier.

* Proof of an indemnity bond provided either by your broker or the DMV.

Idaho first time registration

There are several reasons you may need to register your vehicle for a first time, including:

* Established Idaho residency

* Purchased a used car from a private party

* Transferred ownership to you via gift, family or inheritance

Upon buying a auto within state lines, you have 30 days to register it. There is a $20 late fee if this time period is exceeded. If you are transferring a vehicle from another state, the 30-day clock begins the day you bring it into Idaho.

If you just became a resident of Idaho, you have 90 days to register with Idaho’s Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

NOTE: Before registering, you must first title your vehicle.

Idaho Vehicle Registration Renewal

This service is currently available for registrants in the following counties:
Ada, Adams, Bannock, Bear Lake, Bingham, Blaine, Boise, Bonneville, Camas, Canyon, Caribou, Cassia, Custer, Elmore, Fremont, Gem, Gooding, Idaho, Jerome, Kootenai, Latah, Madison, Minidoka, Oneida, Owyhee, Payette, Shoshone, Twin Falls, Valley and Washington County

Commercial vehicles need to Use the Full Fee Vehicle Registration Renewal.

The following plate types can not currently be renewed online in Idaho: Boats, Classic, Dealer, Exempt, Legislative, Loaner, Off-Road, Old Timer, Repossession, Snowmobiles and Transporter.

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Homeowners Insurance – How Much Do You Need?

January 3rd, 2010

homeownerspicYour home is probably the biggest investment you’ll ever make, it makes sense to take measures to protect that valuable investment. The best way to safeguard your home investment is through homeowner’s insurance.

Don’t settle for just any homeowners insurance policy. Your home and your homes contents are unique and the amount of insurance you need depends on this and your personal requirements. But how much insurance is enough?

Here are a couple of ways for you to determine how much home owners insurance coverage is right for you:

Market value may not be enough

While it might be tempting to buy just enough homeowner’s insurance to cover the resale value of your home, this may be too low.

Your home’s market value may be very different than what is known as its “replacement cost.” The replacement cost of your home is the amount of money you would need to rebuild your home to its previous condition if a total loss were to occur.

In today’s real estate market property values are falling throughout the country.  Due to this it is more important to protect you home for what it will cost to rebuild your home.

Calculate the replacement cost

Your homeowner’s insurance company can calculate how much it will cost to rebuild your home based on the following:

  • Square footage of your home
  • Type and quality of your home’s construction
  • Any updates, special features or add-ons to your home
  • Quality and cost of materials used in your home

Personal liability coverage

Modern homeowner’s insurance policies also include personal liability and medical expense coverage.    There is usually a preset dollar amount of coverage for these two items so; you might want to consider purchasing a separate personal umbrella liability policy, which can offer additional protection.

An umbrella policy offers a higher level of liability coverage and ensures that you and your family’s assets will be protected if someone sues you for damages. Umbrella policies typically pay up to a predetermined limit, which is usually purchase in increments of $1 million.

Protect your valuables

If you have valuable jewelry, artwork or collectibles, you may want to opt for even more homeowner’s insurance coverage for additional protection. You may assume your valuables are fully covered by your homeowner’s insurance, but that’s not always the case.  To be safer it may be wise to schedule these items separately for there estimated worth

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Launch your Affiliate Marketing Business in 2010

December 22nd, 2009

Considering the lingering economic climate, most markets are feeling the strain of the downturn. For car dealers, although cars are still being bought and sold, business has been less than booming. If you want to build your car sales in the coming year, you have to stand out from the competition, which means, you have to offer something to your clients that your competition doesn’t. Offer a unique and time and money-saving serviced to your prospective car buyers by beginning an affiliate marketing business with QuoteMatcher.com.

Benefits of an Affiliate Marketing Program

The economy on the mend, but it’s not looking to be a fast turnaround. As a car dealer, you need to boost your business and your income while your market rebounds, and an affiliate marketing business can both enhance your bottom line and increase your customer service capabilities to bring in more business to your car dealership.

As a member of the QuoteMatcher.com affiliates program, you will have the opportunity to offer your potential car buyers a free, one-stop location to compare auto insurance quotes for the vehicle they’re considering. In lieu of faxing multiple copies of their policy page to various auto insurance companies, they’ll be able to compare quotes, based on their specific insurance information, from various vendors without ever picking up a phone or dialing a fax number.

You are now offering a service above and beyond your competition, and here’s the bonus: once your prospective client requests a quote from the QuoteMatcher.com site, you get paid. It’s that simple. Not only are you now making money, but the word-of –mouth advertising from your clients will spread noting the extra step you’re willing to take for your clients. It’s a win-win.

Get Started Today

Click here to sign up for your affiliate marketing business today to start the New Year off with better customer service and more business.

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Auto Insurance Checks and Preventative Maintenance for Winter

December 21st, 2009

As the winter begins, bringing along with it snowy rooftops, season greetings, icy road corners and accidents. To protect yourself and your family, be sure that your car insurance policy covers you in the event of a weather-related accident. Unfortunately, this coverage is something that a lot of drivers don’t think about until they’ve had a collision with another car, tree or guard rail while driving in the elements. Do you have the weather-related car insurance coverage that you need?

Are you Covered?

Take the time to read over your care insurance policy and verify that your company offers protection in the case of accidents caused by icy roads, snowy corners or other winter hazards. Do you have roadside assistance of towing as part of your car insurance policy? Adding these features to your auto insurance are cost-effective ways to ensure that you’ll get help in the case of an emergency.

Adding comprehensive car insurance to your auto insurance policy will cover you in case of damage caused by a non-collision related incident, including falling objects, catastrophic storms and severe weather. Compare your comprehensive auto insurance quotes here.

Hate Getting into a Cold Car?

It can be tempting to avoid sitting in your cold car as you warm you engine before leaving the house, but turning your car on and then going back to putting your coffee in your travel mug gives potential thieves the time they need to take your car. Your car insurance premiums will hit the roof if your car is stolen, especially if your car insurance company finds that you left the keys in the ignition. In lieu of warming your car while you get ready indoors, put on another layer and sip your coffee in the car while it warms.

Check it Twice

Before the really bad weather sets in, give your car a checkup – new tires and windshield wipers, freeze-resistant wiper fluid and an oil change can get your car in the best possible shape so you can face winter driving with confidence.

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NJ Non Medical Exam Life Insurance and Mortgage Protection Insurance

December 18th, 2009

A broken healthcare system and still-high unemployment rates has many people in New Jersey worried about how they’ll manage the costs if there is a death in the family or a threat of losing their home due to unemployment. There are two options that any life insurance policy holder needs to consider that can put their mind at ease.

NJ Non Medical Exam Life Insurance

You’ve seen the commercials for life insurance that doesn’t require a physical examination. For many people, this alleviates a lot of the hassle and lab costs that comes along with obtaining a life insurance policy. Non medical exam life insurance NJ allows New Jersey residents to fill out an online form to obtain life insurance that can protect their family in case of their death.

Many older people rely on this type of insurance to increase the protection they have. Because they have more medical concerns than younger life insurance policy holders, it is important that senior citizens have easy access to policy options of this nature.

Mortgage Protection Insurance NJ

The same urgency surrounds the need for NJ mortgage protection insurance.  Although it is rare for mortgage protection insurance NJ to be added-on to a life insurance policy, it is sometimes an option. If your current life insurance policy doesn’t offer it, there is another way of insuring your home in the case of unemployment.

Opening an additional term life insurance policy is a cost-effective way to insure your home, your income and your life.

When shopping for life insurance in NJ, keep in mind that with the non medical exam life insurance and mortgage protection insurance, there is relief for both current medical conditions and the state of the economy.

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2010 Business Options Improve with Affiliate Marketing For Realtors

December 16th, 2009

2009 is winding to a close, and many realtors are considering their 2010 options to increase their business. As the real estate market slowly crawls back towards viability, the prospects for the New Year are better than last years, but still not what could be called robust. Quotematcher is proud to offer our real estate partners a real estate income option to enhance their bottom line while giving them a unique service to provide their prospective clients that will also help to build their real estate business.

quotematcherlogo1. You Sign up as an Affiliate in our Program. Click Here
2. You provide your unique link to your clients.
3. They complete a quote YOU GET PAID.

Enhanced Service for Potential Clients

Realtors® know that homebuyers need to make home owners insurance research part of their home purchase, and it has often been the practice of Realtors® to suggest potential companies for their clients to use for their insurance needs. Quotematcher’s Realtor Affiliate Marketing takes this process to the next level by allowing our real estate partners the ability to supply their clients a one-stop-shop for homeowners insurance where they can compare quotes and policy options from multiple homeowners’ insurance vendors at once. It saves the homebuyers time and allows the realtor to benefit from the affiliate marketing benefits.

Better Service = Easy Income

By offering this easy-to-use and unique service to real estate buyers, every Affiliate Marketing real estate partner with QuoteMatcher has the potential to increase their real estate business. For every registration on the site made through their affiliate marketing account, they will reap the financial benefits of the only Two-Tier affiliate marketing program in the industry.  Learn more about the affiliate marketing benefits here.

By suggesting that their fellow realtors register as affiliates with Quotematcher.com, our real estate partners have the added benefit of second-tier income, which is unique to the this type of affiliate marketing. It’ a win-win for our real estate partners and their potential clients.

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Jack Frost Nipping’ at Your Home? Why You Need Homeowners’ Insurance Against the Winter Weather.

December 10th, 2009

As many of us in the northern parts of the U.S. find ourselves in the grips of increasingly colder weather, the familiar worries return to torment homeowners as they consider the possible effect of the soon-to-be-freezing temperatures and change in precipitation that comes along with the season. The best way to avoid losing sleep over concerns about your home is to be sure that your homeowner’s insurance policy includes coverage for the potential damage winter can wreak on your home.

When you check your home owner’s insurance information, you need to be sure that it allots for the following problems that can be directly brought on by the winter chill:

  • Windstorm or hail: With nor’easters driving up the coast throughout the winter bringing along high-level winds and excessive precipitation, threats of downed wires, branches and trees are regular worries.
  • Damage Caused by a Vehicle: Icy roads, slushy corners and drivers that aren’t cautious as they should be of the road conditions can mean problems for anyone living in a trafficked area.
  • Weight of Ice, Sleet or Snow: Looking out the window, the icicles and snow elegantly draped over the trees, rooftops and power lines can be truly beautiful but also a very real threat to your home.
  • Freezing of Household Systems or Appliance: Burst water pipes, or worse appliances that won’t work due to excessive cold can be a concern in many homes.

When researching home owners insurance quotes, be sure to think about the effects winter has on your home. If your current policy doesn’t cover all of the above, or you feel you need to improve your homeowner’s insurance policy, check out QuoteMatcher.com for free and easy-to-use home owners insurance quotes matching for your home.

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