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Is It Time To Buy A New Car?

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

Free Online Insurance QuotesWhen is it time to buy a new car? Is it when you need to start fixing things? Is it when you can afford a new automobile? This is a dilemma I am currently facing. Is it worth keeping your old vehicles knowing you will have problems with them but the chance of having a problem out ways the new monthly payment you will have to endure.

I have two vehicles a Chrysler Concorde and a Dodge Durango both about ten years old. Both of my vehicles have over 140,000 miles on them and have needed repairs over the last 3 years. Is it time for me to bite the bullet and trade at least one in or should I hold off. If I had to trade one in it would be the Concorde it has about 20,000 less miles on it and already has major repairs done to it. Three years ago it needed a new engine, two years ago a new timing chain both pretty expensive repairs. The engine cost well over $2000 and the timing chain around $1200 but the car has been paid off for 5 years. How I see it I made out $3300 over 5 years breaks down to $660 per year or $55 per month. It’s a lot better than a $350 per month payment.

Our Durango is also paid off has more miles on it but the only real problems it has had have been around the air condition unit and a mishap by my children. My kids jammed change into the CD player causing the radio to be fried. The total to fix both was $1300. The reason we would keep the Durango is because it is more useful.

So my dilemma again is, is it time to trade one in? My wife and I have been considering it for a while now. I have a few reservations about getting a new vehicle. The first of course is taking on a new large payment. We would want another SUV if we purchase. We do a lot of outdoor activities, camping, canoeing, snowboarding ect., so we need something to lug our gear, kids and clothes. With our Durango also older we know over the next couple of years we will also need to replace that vehicle. So to us it just makes sense to get the SUV first as a more reliable vehicle we can feel safe in on longer trips.

Reliability is our second reason we are considering a new vehicle. Since both of our vehicles are older there is a reliability fear that looms over us on longer trips. This would be solved with a new vehicle.

Another issue to look at would be our insurance rates. They would increase by at least $100 per month with a new vehicle fully covered. Even if I applied all the discount auto insurance techniques I know.

It may not be time to buy right now with the holidays coming up and our finances kind of low but this is something we will need to address within the next year. The reliability and safety factors out way the new cost we will have to endure. After the holidays we will be on a vehicle hunt. Should we buy brand new or something with low miles a couple of years old. Hmme, This sounds like something to write about next.

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A View Of Auto Insurance Companies Today

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Poor Auto Insurance companies actions have placed a negative affect on the general populations outlook towards these companies. People are outraged about price, coverage and the way they are treated once they have a claim. The internet has recently brought together people and there views of insurance companies.

Every company not just auto insurance providers have good customer service and bad customer service reviews. With all the media attention on financial institutions and insurance companies over the last 3 years you would think they would all be on there best behavior. This isn’t so.

If you type the term “auto insurance” into youtube you’ll find the number #1 listing is of a young disgruntled person’s telephone conversation with an insurance company. Sure it is a joke but it comes from the way people feel and are treated by automobile insurance companies. You can also find numerous website popping up from groups of former policy holders and employees of insurance companies telling there tales. Sites like and are out there. By know means do I promote or lay judgment on either of these companies, but some people feel strongly like they have been taken advantage of.

What I think we would all like is fair treatment from car insurance companies with great coverage at a reasonable rate. Insurance providers make it so complex to figure out rates that a company employee can’t even give you a breakdown of why your policy cost what it does. Some of the large insurance companies have over 400 different factors(they call them tiers) that go into rating your policy. We as consumers should know what these factors are and how each individual factor affects our rates.

The government is sending a message that to trust companies we need transparency. If this is true, then we shouldn’t trust any off these insurance companies. But Wait. The government also makes it mandatory we purchase insurance from these companies even though it is just a promise of service based on rating factors they don’t allow us to know.

We need auto insurance providers to become transparent again like they were before computers. Like when a car insurance agent was able to calculate your rate with a pen a paper right in front of you. We need them to try not to cut corners around claims and stand by what they say. This will build our trust in these companies again and we need that because these are the companies that are suppose to be there when we are down and out. They are suppose to make us whole again when we sustain a loss. They are suppose to give us a Peace Of Mind not a headache and big bill.

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The Boring Truth About Insurance

Monday, October 19th, 2009

We all need it but don’t want to have to use. This is like the worst gamble in the world. I’ll pay you today for some tragic event that may happen to me in the future. If it don’t need to use it whew I’m lucky I only had to spend a couple thousand a year to be sure. The Necessary Evil is what I call it.

Personally, I would buy insurance even if it wasn’t required by law(auto insurance), but I hate it. How I feel is I would rather pay a couple thousand a year for auto insurance just incase something does go bad. Who knows what may happen and the costs that may arise if I don’t have it. God forbid if I caused an accident and someone got severely hurt. I would feel so bad not just because I injured the person but also because I wouldn’t be able to pay for them to get help and recover. Then the financial burden that would fall over me and my family for ever.

Home insurance is required by my mortgage company to insure their investment, I get that part. I purchase it mostly for that fact but also just incase we have a house fire or something tragic happen. I couldn’t afford to pay a 30 year mortgage for a burnt down house plus pay to live somewhere else. It’s just the way it is.

Health insurance is a different creature all by itself. Luckily we receive health insurance through my wife’s company. If we didn’t I’m not sure we could afford it. We would probably just get a policy for our kids and my wife and I would hope we didn’t become too ill. This is one of those bad bets to. This is the one we should buy most of all but it is the most expensive and that is why so many people struggle with it. We all know at some time over the next year or two someone in the family will become sick and we will need to use health insurance coverage or have a hefty bill to pay otherwise. Currently my daughter is sick with a normal autumn cold, I accidentally dropped her medicine and the bottle broke on my counter. We placed a new prescription through the pharmacy. I went to pick it up and it cost $98 for the antibiotic, the pharmacist said the insurance company would not cover a refill. I had to tell them no thank you as at the time I couldn’t afford it. Luckily our pediatrician was able to prescribe a new antibiotic the same day that only cost $15 due to our health coverage. It is amazing how much medicine costs. Never mind if you need to get it in a hospital. One Aspirin can cost as much as $10 in the hospital. Hopefully, our trusted politicians will come up with a solution to this problem.

Life insurance is a totally different situation. The is the worst bet you could place of all. You are betting that you are going to die. This is the one bet I would rather lose, but I buy life insurance for a different reason. You the know the reason. It’s because I love my family. I don’t want them to struggle if I am gone. I couldn’t image what they would go through if I were gone and then not having enough money to afford staying in our home and living the life I wanted them to have.

Well there it was the Boring Truth About Insurance from my point of view.

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Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

Here it is our first YouTube Video. If anyone has any ideas for new videos for us please leave them in comments.

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Ten Ways To Find Your Purpose And Meaning In Retirement

Sunday, October 11th, 2009

As you may know, people react differently to retirement. For some folks, it is the best time of their lives, a time for adventure, fun and excitement. A time when they can kick up their heels, relax, and enjoy the free time on their hands. For others, retirement is a period of boredom and insecurity. This is because they aren?t used to the flexible schedule and miss meeting and socializing with others in work related activities. They also miss the predictability of their days and nights. That said, everyone can find joy and happiness in retirement and beat the retirement blues. In fact, you can have a retirement filled with meaning by simply following these 5 tips:

1. Refocus your life ? Do not consider yourself retired in the traditional sense. Yes, you no longer work for your past employer but you are certainly not at the end of your rope. You are refocusing your life, pursuing other options you?re at a more positive turning point. This is a time for celebrating a new beginning!

2. Increase your Social Circle ? Stay connected to those events and people that you previously enjoyed during your working career. Don?t be afraid to have a social life. Join clubs and associations that interest you and get to know new people with similar interests.

3. Plan Events – Get to know people of diverse interests. Become an extrovert. Plan a dinner party or other event and invite people. Don?t be afraid to reach out to new people to strengthen other positive relationships. Not only will you increase acquaintanceships but you?ll gain a feeling of connectedness to familiar and unfamiliar group members.

4. Prioritize Health ? Maintaining good health is paramount to your success as a retiree. Therefore, you must take a preventive approach to good health. Do not wait until something is wrong to seek help. Examine your health and health habits now. Continue with your regular annual health checkups. Hire a personal trainer. Look into techniques for improving your overall well being, such as swimming, walking, weight training, yoga and meditation.

5. Stay in Shape ? Stay in shape with exercise and a healthy diet. Choose an exercise activity that you enjoy and one that you can stick to. For instance, you might try Pilates, Jazzercise or even Karate. If you prefer to work out solo, there are many appropriate books as well as videos that you can utilize in your health quest right from the comforts of your own home. Just don?t be afraid to try. In addition, you can also join a gym or take exercise classes with others. The better you feel, the more you will enjoy your retirement.

6. Join a Cause ? After retirement, you may decide to join a worthwhile cause. Not only will this improve your self esteem but you will also make the world a better place and enrich a lot of lives, including your own.

7. Increase your Knowledge ? Learning is a lifelong and exciting process. In this age of technology, take time to brush up on your knowledge or take that class that you?ve always dreamt of taking such as a cooking, painting, sewing, or computers. Do whatever you can to become a more educated and knowledgeable person.

8. Update your Looks ? Yes, you?re retired and now is the time to let your fashion sense shine. Find a great hairstylist and get good hair stylist. Get a manicure, facial or pedicure. Change your wardrobe to reflect the new and improved you.

9. Explore your Dreams ? Now that you have extra time on your hands, do what you?ve always wanted to do. Retirement is a perfect time to fulfill your dreams. Now is the time to accomplish all the things that you only dreamt about in the past. Do it now!

10. Maintain a Youthful Attitude ? Be energetic and enjoy the time you now have on your hands. Retiring from a job does not mean you have to give up everything. Just because you may be older, you can still be youthful and vibrant. Age is an attitude. If you act although you?re old- you are. If you act like you?re young, you?ll be young. Be proud of your veteran. Attitude is everything; let others be inspired by yours.

There are many things that you can do to find your purpose and meaning in retirement. By maintaining a positive attitude and zest for life, exploring your dreams, updating your looks, increasing your knowledge, joining a worthy cause, staying in shape, prioritizing your health, planning events, increasing your social circle and refocusing your life, you can do it!

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Affordable Michigan Health Insurance With Maternity Coverage

Sunday, October 11th, 2009

Michigan Health Insurance with Maternity Coverage is always a hot topic as I talk to women about their health insurance needs here in Michigan.

Michigan maternity coverage is important, and if needed their are some policies on the market that are very popular. The next couple of plans will outline the options females have in the state of Michigan.

1. Individual Care Blue Plus from Blue Cross Blue Shield- This is considered to be a popular plan due to the fact it incorporates the Cofinity Network. This means you can go see any OBGYN within the network. The downfall however is only the delivery and newborn exam is covered. Any pre and postnatal exams are not covered. The maternity coverage is built into the plan, so no extra riders have to be bought.

2. HMO One Blue from Blue Cross Blue Shield- When it comes to benefits, this by far the most superior plan on the market. Pre and postnatal exams are at copays of $30. Delivery and nursery care is 100% after deductible. Downfalls may include the fact that it is a HMO. HMO?s require that any doctor you see must be in their network, so if you have a favorite OBGYN, you must make sure he is in the BCBSM HMO network. If not, then this plan is not right for you.

3. Michigan Maternity coverage with Assurant Health- Most plans on the private market stink when it comes to maternity coverage. However, Assurant health does something worth noting. If you have their HSA, or copay plan, you can add on (select) a maternity deductible separate to the regular deductible you have for your medical. I know it does not sound appealing; however the two most popular maternity deductibles include $2500 and the $5000. So from day one (90 day waiting period to get pregnant), you would know what your out of pocket is for the pregnancy. Also keep this in mind, by having the maternity deductible, everything within the pregnancy is priced within the network (Cofinity) discounts. After the BCBS HMO, I feel this is the best option for female consumers in the state.

Maternity benefits should be important to Michigan consumers, if they have any desire to have children. We offer plans that suit females, if again they desire coverage for Michigan maternity coverage. The need for maternity is usually determined after we sit down and discuss needs and options.

While slim, we do have options for females for Michigan health insurance with maternity. Contact us today at to learn more. Also do not forget to come back and view updates at your favorite Michigan Insurance blog at We are the leader in Michigan health insurance news.

Randy Palmer
Affordable Michigan health insurance

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Some Things To Consider With Auto Insurance

Saturday, October 10th, 2009

If you?re looking for cheap full coverage auto insurance you?ve got to be a bit confused about all the choices you have. And, because most people want to get quality coverage along with money savings, it can take a bit of time to consider different aspects before deciding upon which company to go with and which policy to buy.

Law requires that all vehicles are insured for use on public roads or highways. Thus, all drivers and passengers are protected roads. With the new laws enacted in recent years, fewer uninsured drivers on the roads. With the application of the law of insurance, auto insurance has contributed to many consumers who have been involved in accidents.

Today, if you operate a vehicle on public roads must have insurance. If you have an accident and no insurance, is a crime and punished not only by the prosecution against him, but a civil action, it is possible that the financial responsibility to cover the damage to both personnel and property. Under the circumstances, a complaint can cost a lot of money.

As we talk about responsibility here is good to know that in a scenario of an accident while driving a vehicle insured in your name if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, do not provide coverage for the company insurance. In fact, the insurance company is more likely to remove the cap, they discover that you were driving the vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs when the accident occurred. It is considered very intoxicated and reckless driving that negligence is the sole responsibility of the insured and not the insurance company.

The policies of third parties are available to consumers in each car insurance company. If you were convicted for damages resulting from accidents or injuries from an accident, you need to cover a political liability. Depending on the policy you buy, you can get different levels of coverage. Be sure to read the contract carefully and understand what he says because he does not specifically covered by the policy is something we must pay out of pocket.

Car insurance means you are insured against death or injury (caused by the vehicle) to pedestrians, occupants of other vehicles, and other foreign passengers, for unlimited amounts. Passengers of private vehicles and rear-seat riders are also considered covered.

Auto insurance pays for damage due to theft, violence, conflict and harm to others is called full insurance. In the case of an accident, which protects not only you but also passengers. The costs of medical treatment or funeral service for passengers and others involved in the accident will be covered by this policy.

According to information on car insurance discussed above, one can see that you can save money by getting the minimum insurance from. However, this option only save you money if you’re in an accident and your car is stolen or damaged. To make a good decision, you need to compare your potential savings, with the likelihood that you’ll be in an accident or your car stolen or damaged. It is possible that long-term comprehensive car insurance will save you more money.So while it’s probably not a good idea to lie to your insurance agent in the pursuit of lower rates, aggressive comparison shopping among insurance carriers should get you the best quote for car insurance.

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Measures To Help Purchase A New Home Insurance Policy

Friday, October 9th, 2009

You can get better rates on home insurance now by visiting at least five quotes sites. Each quotes site will take you about 5 minutes or less to receive quotes.Now that you’ve decided you need homeowners insurance, or maybe you’re looking for a new policy, it’s time to consider an insurance provider.

After a new house and then have an insurance policy satisfaction is an important thing to do in life a person. To achieve a good insurance policy to meet the most money and also the best case, a person must have the need to find citations for the home insurance on the internet in a really good and website, in which a person can blindly trust. Should be sought that are able to obtain insurance quotes for home insurance for free and without any loss of money and valuable time.

Many number of times a person has enough money to spend, generally want to buy new equipment that can be used inside the house of that person, and not proceed to buy a insurance policy for her, which would make it a point to ensure that your house would be completely safe after purchasing the insurance. This person generally believe that the insurance policy are not as important as major appliances must be used inside.

Basically, a house still needs a lot of attention is given to her and also that the needs of security available to make the maximum satisfaction of the person living in that particular house. Each individual should pay more attention to your home while buying an insurance policy for other things too, like a car, health, etc.

After securing the house, a person may feel they have earned the highest safety, even if a natural disaster. Therefore, optimal security is really important in the life of a person to achieve maximum satisfaction in life.

A person must visit a number of websites on the net and things to find websites in a insurance company that is able to provide for the appointment of a large number of insurance companies if the person may be able to compare prices and get the best rates available on the market and should be filled up. Almost all of thousands of websites are in things that provide insurance quotes without asking any price, which helps customers in the draining of the assurance process.

Shop around for the right plan — don’t just look at the companies you know best. Some insurance companies sell through their own agents or through independent agents, while others sell directly to customers on the Internet or over the phone, so there are many different places for you to look.Once you have your policy, your work isn’t over. You should continue to keep an eye on your house and your policy. Maintain your home, and make any necessary, minor repairs. And, if possible, review your policy every year, and continue to update the inventory of your house, reappraising valuable items. Some insurers allow for an inflation guard policy, which, when you renew your policy, automatically adjusts your coverage to account for inflation.

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Instant Auto Insurance For Your Car

Friday, October 9th, 2009

In today?s competitive world, you need to save money in every possible ways. Almost all auto insurance companies offer reduced pricing or attractive premium of some kind to attract customers. If you are not already enjoying some of these auto insurance benefits, let us help you.

We all know that living in a society that is a bit advanced in technology, where you can very easily all your things very immediate and very quickly, and quotes for automobile insurance, we all love to get everything need very fast and very quickly so that we can easily save our precious time.

Instant auto insurance quotes gives us great joy and satisfaction because they do not need to spend hours in the details and information on all auto insurance quotes from different companies, suppliers and agencies.
You’ve waited for 24 to 72 hours to obtain auto insurance quotes from various companies, agencies or suppliers.

We live in the world where you can easily get auto insurance quotes from various companies, organizations, or supplier, and also at any time means that fast and very fast.There are a number of different things that we must always keep in mind as we prepare to choose any bid auto insurance is immediate.

Some factors that actually affect their budgets for auto insurance for your car. These factors include the history of insurance, driving history, age, use, credit score, demographics, etc.
The faster you drive your car, chances are you know an accident can really affect, damage or injure yourself or others involved in the accident.This probably will close a series of doors to many different companies, agencies or vendors to provide insurance coverage.

Now you do not sit in the network or by telephone to obtain information and details of various insurance companies, agencies or suppliers that offer auto insurance instantly. Perform a web search for companies and will surely find a large number of companies, agencies or providers of instant auto insurance for your car.
It can also easily find businesses, organizations or providers that offer insurance for your car cheaply. You should compare all and choose the best for you very easily.
It will probably save you time and money. Time is very precious, why waste time on finding the best auto insurance provider, simply click on the network and get everything you want very soon.

Insurance prices for the same coverage may vary greatly from company to company depending on their loss experience. Your auto insurance company for example may increase your insurance premium even if you did not have any accidents or violations, while a different insurance carrier had a profitable year and reduced or discounted its car insurance rates to increase market share.

There are some important things you need to know when looking for cheap auto insurance. By knowing the tips and tricks, you will definitely get the best deal in town.

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The Car Insurance Plan

Friday, October 9th, 2009

Nothing is easy though in today?s 1-click world. Buying car insurance can be a big hassle, and select most of a day calling around, talking to dissimilar companies to reach quotes. Lots of people don?t have the event to waste to make contact with various dissimilar companies out of the telephone book, haggling for the good deal & the lowest auto insurance rates. Yet anyone still requires to find the great deal, as or not they have a lot of occasion on their hands to shop around with. If you?re a bargain shopper, then you understand the Internet is your good bet to find the supreme deals ? on anything. Wheter you buy your car insurance plan online, you are liable to come away by a amazing deal.

Every car insurance coverage company says they can give you the excellent deal & the lowest rates, and it seems almost impossible to accomplish a directly answer while you get a quote over the telephone. Multiple shoppers feel extra comfortable buying car insurance coverage online, in a fast and easy absorb that doesn?t mean sitting through a long series of automated questions and answers. Through party insurance quotes on the Internet, you won?t have to discuss to any person on the phone, answer any questions posed with automated voices, or sit & wait for a human to have the occasion to talk to you. The Internet lets you to move simply with the absorb of receiving quotes, and various customers prefer this system.

Wheter you aim to get quotes online, the first rule of thumb isn?t to go to car insurance plan company?s web site. This will limit your insurance quotes & your alternatives. There are tons of sites out there that allow you to fill out a single questionnaire & then compare quotes side-with-side. You could, in this fashion, look over the rates & coverage of numerous dissimilar companies at once. Using the phone whether your only tool, obtaining that various quotes could select hours. With the Internet, you can compare a large list of quotes, immediately weeding out companies whose prices do not fit your budget. Any Internet look will produce web sites that provide comparison-shopping and numerous quotes for your auto insurance wants.

Another excellent path to go while it comes to buying auto insurance coverage is to buy through an independent supplier. Independent providers do not work for any one company but for you, the purchaser. They do every the work of comparing quotes for you, & in the end they could classically provide you through a much greater deal than what you could find on your own. Independent agents are offered pick deals by car insurance companies, policies and rates that aren?t accessible to the average person. You would never have to discuss to your auto insurance plan company, and would only have to send them a examination every month or six months (depending on your payment plan). When there is any trouble, simply call your insurance plan provider and they?ll take care of everything. The excellent part is, there are no fees involved with using the independent supplier ? you just pay your auto insurance plan bill.

Lots of persons have to have car insurance plan because of state laws, and others only know that having car insurance plan is a great idea. Just because you have to have it doesn?t mean you could?t get a magnificent deal at the identical event, and the less you have to pay, the greater. You can find the best car insurance coverage rates without wasting a ton of event or staying on hold for hours. Really, does not anyone deserve the excellent possible deal on affordable car insurance coverage? Read more other articles about budget car insurance quote and low price car insurance.

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