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Gold Jewelry As An Investment

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Learning about investing can be very overwhelming. There are countless events that can affect the value of an investment that a lot of people are too intimidated to lay their cash down on anything, choosing instead to simply let their money sit in a bank account. If you are really thinking about investing or are trying to decide what you seriously should invest your money in, here is one recommendation: Gold Jewelry.


For gold in phisike is a cordial; Therefore he loved gold in special. – Chaucer


Gold Price Trends

Gold prices have been going up regularly since about 2004 when the price of gold really took off. The value of gold is escalating even more significantly in the USA because on and off the American dollar has been sinking. As the dollar decreases, gold soars. Gold?s value consistently increases as gold becomes scarcer. One reason that gold prices stay steady (if not on the rise) is that, for some rare reason that the price of gold decreased, the mines that produce gold simply stop operating for a season, with the result that the demand for gold bumps up again right away. The price of gold, as opposed to other investments, fluctuates independent of the stock market.

24 Karat ? The Best Investment

Many people feel that twenty four karat gold is by far the best gold investment. Twenty four karat jewelry is the purest gold that jewelry is made of. It is usually in a yellow gold color. Twenty four karat gold is the best quality investment, especially if you are wanting to invest primarily in gold jewelry, because the highest quality that gold jewelry can be obtained in is in is twenty four karat. That is the purest gold that is available, so you can’t find gold jewelry that is better than twenty four karat.

Pros and Cons of Gold Jewelry as an Investment

Like any other investment, there are good and bad points as far as investing in gold jewelry. The upside is, naturally, that gold is about the most stable thing you can invest in. You will not have to keep track of what the stock market is doing; you don?t have to pay attention to the Dow Jones Index at all. All you must do is keep your jewelry in a safe place. Of course, keeping your jewelry in good shape can be a challenge, and there is no sure way to know that the value of the jewelry will hold up as well as investing in pure gold will. It could increase faster or not quite as much as gold coins. The highest karat of gold available in jewelry form is twenty four karat and that is not without its flaws, the largest being that it can be damaged.

Deciding what to invest in is not an easy process, especially if you are new to the fields of investing and advanced financial management. The high point about investing in gold jewelry is that the price of gold almost never goes down and even if it does, it increases before too long. Gold is one of the most stable things you can put your money in because it always appreciates in value.

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General Health Insurance Info For Michigan

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Health Insurance Michigan

At, we offer every Michigan health insurance company product line from the traditional full coverage doctor co-pay PPO plans to short term medical plans. Product line also includes HMO’s to even the popular health savings account.

What is most popular for health insurance in the state of Michigan?
To this day, co-pay plans are still going strong. They resemble somewhat what people had within past group coverage’s.

Although there are some minor variations from traditional group coverage, these plans offer the highest level of benefits for individual health insurance. You can expect things like preventive care and prescription drugs to be an included benefit on most doctor co-pay plans.

The latest plan to hit the Michigan health insurance market is the health savings account (HSA). Coupled with a high deductible health insurance Plan, HSA’s allow clients to pay for medical expenses with pre-tax dollars. Premiums are usually lower than a co-pay plan, but expenses like doctor visits, exams, and prescription drugs are paid out of pocket until the deductible is met.

Next is the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan HMO plan just introduced in 2009. This plan includes co-pays for doctor visits and prescription drugs. Plan includes a low deductible however you must use a primary care physician within their network.

Finally in the Michigan health insurance market we have short term medical plans. These plans can range anywhere from 1-6 months. Perfect for students who just graduated, or even a consumer who is between jobs. Does not cover pre-existing conditions, however does serve a purpose as you have read. Not used to substitute major medical health insurance.

Do not be left walking around without health insurance. As you have read, options are plentiful here in the state of Michigan. Talk to a expert today and request a quote.

Frequently asked Michigan Health Insurance Questions

What is the most important question I should ask when I am shopping for a Michigan Health Insurance Policy?

You must find out what your ?out of pocket maximum? is going to be with covered expenses. Always ask an agent this question when being quoted for a Michigan Health Insurance policy.

Do I need to take a physical to be considered for health insurance?

If you have been uninsured for some time, certain Michigan health insurance companies might ask for physical before you are considered for coverage. At Palmer & Associates, we work with all the top health companies, so while one company might ask for a physical, another one probably will not.

How long is my premium guaranteed for?

Depending on the policy and usually the deductible, we can guarantee your premium will remain locked for 12 months. With high deductible plans, we sometimes can guarantee your premium will be locked for 24 months, and even 36 months in some cases.

Will Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan really accept me no matter what my health past is?

The answer is both yes and no. The new BCBSM HMO One Blue individual plan does underwrite on certain health conditions. Now, all BCBSM PPO plans are guaranteed issue with a 6 month pre-existing clause. This means any conditions treated six months prior to acceptance will not be covered for the first six months.

How does the Blue Cross HMO One Blue individual plan work?

All of us are pretty much use to PPO plans. Within PPO plans, we could see any doctor we wanted, as long as they were in the network. The new BCBSM HMO plan works a little bit differently. At time of acceptance, you will receive a book of Michigan Blue Cross primary care physicians (PCP?s).
You must pick one PCP, and at any point you need medical care, you must go through your primary care physician. If you need to see a specialist, your PCP must refer you to one. So while the Blue Cross One Blue is a benefit rich plan, consumers must consider if a HMO is right for them.

Will my health insurance plan include dental?

Some Michigan health care companies do offer dental as an optional benefit. However, I advise consumers to buy dental separate from their plan. The reason being if you switch you health insurance, your dental insurance will not go with it. At Palmer & Associates, we offer numerous competitive Michigan dental programs to go hand in hand with your health insurance.

What plan do you have Randy?

Due to past health problems and being a single male, I currently get my health insurance through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. I subscribe to their Flex Blue 1500 with a deductible of 1500, and an annual of out pocket maximum of 4000. The Flex Blue is considered to be an HSA by federal standards. To learn more about a Health Savings Account, click on our link on the left to learn more.

To learn more about Michigan health insurance, visit us today at

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Blog Horrors

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

It is a lot more difficult then I thought to set up this blog.  I am trying to add multiple categories and adjust the header and a ton of other stuff to it.  Once this is all complete we will be able to start posting on a regular basis.

I just watched a couple training video’s on how to do stuff and then when I went to make the changes the options they said to choose weren’t available.  What a headache…

The goal is to have the blog looking the way we like by this weekend and then posting regularly there after.

See you soon,

The Blogger

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