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Monday, November 9th, 2009

Nov 09, 2009 – Marlton, NJ. Just a few short years ago in July of 2006, Quote Matcher LLC launched a website to help potentially millions of Americans get the best prices for their multiple insurance needs. By the time this press release hits the web, more than 3000 people will have already found the best possible personal insurance quotes from using

Besides helping people get the best rates for their insurance needs, Quote Matcher wants to share specific knowledge of auto insurance quotes and relevant information to its users. By visiting the “Auto Insurance Articles” link on the website, viewers can get the latest information on auto insurance quotes written by licensed insurance agents. Read on how to get the ideal coverage for competitive costs and learn how you can have reasonably priced auto insurance that protects your needs as a driver. Users are also able to check out their state’s specific coverage requirements for auto insurance. The site has made it easy to find exactly what people need for auto insurance in their respected area. There is no need to wonder if you’re getting the right amount of coverage in your state because has made it all available to you with the click of a mouse.

Quote Matcher LLC wants users to get the best in auto insurance comparisons. Working with big name insurance carriers, there will be price options for every budget in less time than if you were to search these companies individually. It’s a one-stop shop for free insurance quotes without the hassle. There are no strings attached, just quick and easy results for the best auto insurance quotes in your area. When users fill out the easy to navigate information page, all the information sought after will be presented in a timely manner. isn’t just the best place to get free comparison quotes on auto insurance, you’ll also be able to find homeowners, life, health and disability insurance from reputable carriers by filling out one simple form. Quote Matcher wants you to save both time and money when shopping around for personal insurance quotes. Visit us at and see why thousands of Americans have already flocked to the site to meet their needs for auto insurance quotes.

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The Boring Truth About Insurance

Monday, October 19th, 2009

We all need it but don’t want to have to use. This is like the worst gamble in the world. I’ll pay you today for some tragic event that may happen to me in the future. If it don’t need to use it whew I’m lucky I only had to spend a couple thousand a year to be sure. The Necessary Evil is what I call it.

Personally, I would buy insurance even if it wasn’t required by law(auto insurance), but I hate it. How I feel is I would rather pay a couple thousand a year for auto insurance just incase something does go bad. Who knows what may happen and the costs that may arise if I don’t have it. God forbid if I caused an accident and someone got severely hurt. I would feel so bad not just because I injured the person but also because I wouldn’t be able to pay for them to get help and recover. Then the financial burden that would fall over me and my family for ever.

Home insurance is required by my mortgage company to insure their investment, I get that part. I purchase it mostly for that fact but also just incase we have a house fire or something tragic happen. I couldn’t afford to pay a 30 year mortgage for a burnt down house plus pay to live somewhere else. It’s just the way it is.

Health insurance is a different creature all by itself. Luckily we receive health insurance through my wife’s company. If we didn’t I’m not sure we could afford it. We would probably just get a policy for our kids and my wife and I would hope we didn’t become too ill. This is one of those bad bets to. This is the one we should buy most of all but it is the most expensive and that is why so many people struggle with it. We all know at some time over the next year or two someone in the family will become sick and we will need to use health insurance coverage or have a hefty bill to pay otherwise. Currently my daughter is sick with a normal autumn cold, I accidentally dropped her medicine and the bottle broke on my counter. We placed a new prescription through the pharmacy. I went to pick it up and it cost $98 for the antibiotic, the pharmacist said the insurance company would not cover a refill. I had to tell them no thank you as at the time I couldn’t afford it. Luckily our pediatrician was able to prescribe a new antibiotic the same day that only cost $15 due to our health coverage. It is amazing how much medicine costs. Never mind if you need to get it in a hospital. One Aspirin can cost as much as $10 in the hospital. Hopefully, our trusted politicians will come up with a solution to this problem.

Life insurance is a totally different situation. The is the worst bet you could place of all. You are betting that you are going to die. This is the one bet I would rather lose, but I buy life insurance for a different reason. You the know the reason. It’s because I love my family. I don’t want them to struggle if I am gone. I couldn’t image what they would go through if I were gone and then not having enough money to afford staying in our home and living the life I wanted them to have.

Well there it was the Boring Truth About Insurance from my point of view.

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Affordable Michigan Health Insurance With Maternity Coverage

Sunday, October 11th, 2009

Michigan Health Insurance with Maternity Coverage is always a hot topic as I talk to women about their health insurance needs here in Michigan.

Michigan maternity coverage is important, and if needed their are some policies on the market that are very popular. The next couple of plans will outline the options females have in the state of Michigan.

1. Individual Care Blue Plus from Blue Cross Blue Shield- This is considered to be a popular plan due to the fact it incorporates the Cofinity Network. This means you can go see any OBGYN within the network. The downfall however is only the delivery and newborn exam is covered. Any pre and postnatal exams are not covered. The maternity coverage is built into the plan, so no extra riders have to be bought.

2. HMO One Blue from Blue Cross Blue Shield- When it comes to benefits, this by far the most superior plan on the market. Pre and postnatal exams are at copays of $30. Delivery and nursery care is 100% after deductible. Downfalls may include the fact that it is a HMO. HMO?s require that any doctor you see must be in their network, so if you have a favorite OBGYN, you must make sure he is in the BCBSM HMO network. If not, then this plan is not right for you.

3. Michigan Maternity coverage with Assurant Health- Most plans on the private market stink when it comes to maternity coverage. However, Assurant health does something worth noting. If you have their HSA, or copay plan, you can add on (select) a maternity deductible separate to the regular deductible you have for your medical. I know it does not sound appealing; however the two most popular maternity deductibles include $2500 and the $5000. So from day one (90 day waiting period to get pregnant), you would know what your out of pocket is for the pregnancy. Also keep this in mind, by having the maternity deductible, everything within the pregnancy is priced within the network (Cofinity) discounts. After the BCBS HMO, I feel this is the best option for female consumers in the state.

Maternity benefits should be important to Michigan consumers, if they have any desire to have children. We offer plans that suit females, if again they desire coverage for Michigan maternity coverage. The need for maternity is usually determined after we sit down and discuss needs and options.

While slim, we do have options for females for Michigan health insurance with maternity. Contact us today at to learn more. Also do not forget to come back and view updates at your favorite Michigan Insurance blog at We are the leader in Michigan health insurance news.

Randy Palmer
Affordable Michigan health insurance

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Obstacles When Looking For Affordable Health Insurance

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

There are low cost health insurance options out there that, in fact, many Americans have already implemented and are beating the rising battle against being uninsured. In addition, more individual and family health insurance options are being brought into the market as the rising number of uninsured Americans increases. This is great news for people who just don’t know what to do when it comes to obtaining low cost and affordable health insurance.

It can be rough looking for affordable health insurance. One can easily be overwhelmed by the amount of information out there. Looking online is the best place but people do not always have Internet access. Also it can be hard knowing exactly what questions to ask or what options to look for. If one can overcome these obstacles however then he or she will be able to find the best policy available.

The difficulty is finding that information there. There are often sites pretending to useful ones. These sites are usually adds in disguise or worse. There are also many sites that are set up as one thing but are actually another all together. There are even sites that are just set up to get as much traffic as possible. The amount of web sites supposedly offering affordable health insurance is overwhelming. A person can sort through all of the noise though to find the right information. It just takes time and a keen eye in order to find what you are looking for.

Although it can be difficult to find affordable health insurance through all of the noise online, some people cannot even go online to look. Although most homes now have a computer with internet access, many households still do not. It is also very unfortunate that those who could benefit the most from affordable health insurance will most likely have the most trouble finding it. A poor family may not have a computer and most likely will not have internet. Elderly people also usually do not have internet. It can be very difficult for a person that grew up without electricity to have to get used to the idea of going online. There are services set up to help people though. There are many volunteers that can help elderly people. There are also free places to use the internet like a local library. Not every community has a library with internet but for those that do it is a great resource.

Even with internet and finding the right site, a person may still have trouble finding the right affordable health insurance. There are many companies and all have many options. This is because some people need certain options more than others. For some people affordable health insurance may mean that the monthly cost is very low. For other people it may mean that it offers more free services. A person needs to know exactly what they want when they are looking so that they can get what they want.I hope this will help you know how to find affordable health insurance,get affordable health insurance quotes and compare individual health insurance plans side by side.

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California State Medical Insurance — Tips For Inexpensive Rates

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

With the right guides you’ll get more affordable rates for sufficient California health insurance coverage. It is equally important that I stress that there are recommendations that might put you at risk even if they help you make savings for now. If you are interested in tips that you can utilize to save much and at the same time maintain adequate coverage, read the following…

1. Even though many individuals are aware that smoking adds to their rates, they may not know that this also applies if they use other tobacco products. For example, you will attract a higher rate if you chew or snuff tobacco.

Therefore, for your health and lower rates, stop using any tobacco product.

2. You’ll pay less for a group plan than otherwise. Don’t miss it if you’re in a position that gives you the choice to use a group
plan as it typically implies that you’ll pay lower rates. The higher a risk your profile is, the more you’ll save if you can get health insurance through a group plan.

A group plan will help you make appreciable profits if you have a medical condition that makes individual California health insurance either too costly or almost impossible to come by. Consider a group plan if you really want cheaper premium.

3. You’ll spend less in California Medical Insurance if you have more knowledge on it. You’ll be able to make decisions that will result in the best. Furthermore, you’ll also be better positioned to take advantage of opportunities as they come.

The U.S has many toll free numbers where you can be assisted on health related matters. One of such numbers is that of the National Health
Information Center: 1-800-336-4797

4. Buying your prescriptions online is a sure way to reduce your health care costs. Buying by telephone will also give you reasonable prices.
Insurance providers who sell online have lower outlays than brick and mortar businesses and these means that they can and (do sell) at cheaper prices. But if you choose to buy online do all within your power to find out a little about whom you’re buying from because there are
wolves online. It is very easy to do this by making use of a resource like BBB. This is quite very important as you don’t want to risk your life all in the name of making profits.

5. An easy but effective way of lowering your premium is by authorizing an EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer). This just means your insurer takes your premiums automatically from your account each month without mailing you payment notices. This saves costs by removing the need for payment notices or checks. This is why this results in reduced premium.

The right decision to take now is to get quotes, compare plans from Insurance Companies and save massively without any obligation.

Obtain realistic tips about online home insurance quotes – read this publication. The time has come when proper info is truly within one click, use this opportunity.

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Protecting Family – Insurance, Life Insurance, And Don’t Forget! – Disability Insurance

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

Why Should You Get Private Health Insurance. A recent survey by Harris Interactive for America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) found that most Baby Boomers underestimate their risk of missing work for an extended period of time due to a disability. Yet they believe that they are more likely to suffer such a disability than to die prematurely. What’s wrong with this picture? Like most breadwinners, Boomers buy family health insurance and life insurance to protect their families while skimping on long-term disability insurance.

How far off are the disability risk guesstimates of most Americans? A study sponsored by the Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education called “The Real Risk of Disability in the United States” found that a white-collar worker between 35 and 65 years of age has a 27 to 31 percent chance of becoming disabled for 90 days or longer. Unfortunately, the duration of disabilities has increased substantially in the past few decades. In the 1970s and 80s, a 35-year-old male with such a disability would have been out of work, on average, almost four years. Today it’s six, because better medical care means that people with terminal illnesses are living longer. It does not, however, mean they are able to pull in their pre-disability income while they’re ill.

Steven Crawford, a Maryland-based disability insurance specialist, believes that a well considered policy is the keystone to any sound financial plan. Unfortunately, he notes, most financial advisers, not to mention the media at large, rarely mention the subject, even though a person’s ability to generate income is by far their most valuable asset.

“Everybody should have the maximum [benefits] they can afford,” Crawford says. “Somebody 20 years old-their liability is huge. A 55-year-old’s liability is less.”

Figuring out how to find quality, low cost health insurance suited to your specific needs is a time-consuming process. First, you have to determine how much you’ll need to maintain your lifestyle, remembering to factor in new expenses that could arise due to your disability. Then, you calculate what income you’ll receive from sources beyond a private health insurance plan. These include benefits from your employer’s group plan, your personal savings, and possible government benefits such as social security disability insurance.

“If you’re making a six-figure income, you really shouldn’t be covered by a group long-term plan,” Crawford says. The coverage is cheap, but you’re not going to receive nearly enough of your pre-disability income to sustain your current lifestyle. Sixty percent is the standard rate of income replacement on most plans. Why not higher? According to Crawford, the insurers want to pay “the maximum amount needed for you to get by without removing your incentive to go back to work.”

The subject is unpleasant for many, which may explain why so many people think of injury when they hear the word “disability.” In fact, according to AHIP’s Guide to Individual Disability Income Insurance (, 89.5 percent of claims are caused not by injury, but by illness. The guide is a great source of information about the many types of policies out there and the enormous variety of choices within each and every one of those policies. It also contains a checklist of questions to ask a reputable, knowledgeable agent when you’re ready to face the realities of your disability insurance needs. Find more information about Health Insurance Coverage – Rather Be Safe Than Sorry here.

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General Health Insurance Info For Michigan

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Health Insurance Michigan

At, we offer every Michigan health insurance company product line from the traditional full coverage doctor co-pay PPO plans to short term medical plans. Product line also includes HMO’s to even the popular health savings account.

What is most popular for health insurance in the state of Michigan?
To this day, co-pay plans are still going strong. They resemble somewhat what people had within past group coverage’s.

Although there are some minor variations from traditional group coverage, these plans offer the highest level of benefits for individual health insurance. You can expect things like preventive care and prescription drugs to be an included benefit on most doctor co-pay plans.

The latest plan to hit the Michigan health insurance market is the health savings account (HSA). Coupled with a high deductible health insurance Plan, HSA’s allow clients to pay for medical expenses with pre-tax dollars. Premiums are usually lower than a co-pay plan, but expenses like doctor visits, exams, and prescription drugs are paid out of pocket until the deductible is met.

Next is the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan HMO plan just introduced in 2009. This plan includes co-pays for doctor visits and prescription drugs. Plan includes a low deductible however you must use a primary care physician within their network.

Finally in the Michigan health insurance market we have short term medical plans. These plans can range anywhere from 1-6 months. Perfect for students who just graduated, or even a consumer who is between jobs. Does not cover pre-existing conditions, however does serve a purpose as you have read. Not used to substitute major medical health insurance.

Do not be left walking around without health insurance. As you have read, options are plentiful here in the state of Michigan. Talk to a expert today and request a quote.

Frequently asked Michigan Health Insurance Questions

What is the most important question I should ask when I am shopping for a Michigan Health Insurance Policy?

You must find out what your ?out of pocket maximum? is going to be with covered expenses. Always ask an agent this question when being quoted for a Michigan Health Insurance policy.

Do I need to take a physical to be considered for health insurance?

If you have been uninsured for some time, certain Michigan health insurance companies might ask for physical before you are considered for coverage. At Palmer & Associates, we work with all the top health companies, so while one company might ask for a physical, another one probably will not.

How long is my premium guaranteed for?

Depending on the policy and usually the deductible, we can guarantee your premium will remain locked for 12 months. With high deductible plans, we sometimes can guarantee your premium will be locked for 24 months, and even 36 months in some cases.

Will Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan really accept me no matter what my health past is?

The answer is both yes and no. The new BCBSM HMO One Blue individual plan does underwrite on certain health conditions. Now, all BCBSM PPO plans are guaranteed issue with a 6 month pre-existing clause. This means any conditions treated six months prior to acceptance will not be covered for the first six months.

How does the Blue Cross HMO One Blue individual plan work?

All of us are pretty much use to PPO plans. Within PPO plans, we could see any doctor we wanted, as long as they were in the network. The new BCBSM HMO plan works a little bit differently. At time of acceptance, you will receive a book of Michigan Blue Cross primary care physicians (PCP?s).
You must pick one PCP, and at any point you need medical care, you must go through your primary care physician. If you need to see a specialist, your PCP must refer you to one. So while the Blue Cross One Blue is a benefit rich plan, consumers must consider if a HMO is right for them.

Will my health insurance plan include dental?

Some Michigan health care companies do offer dental as an optional benefit. However, I advise consumers to buy dental separate from their plan. The reason being if you switch you health insurance, your dental insurance will not go with it. At Palmer & Associates, we offer numerous competitive Michigan dental programs to go hand in hand with your health insurance.

What plan do you have Randy?

Due to past health problems and being a single male, I currently get my health insurance through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. I subscribe to their Flex Blue 1500 with a deductible of 1500, and an annual of out pocket maximum of 4000. The Flex Blue is considered to be an HSA by federal standards. To learn more about a Health Savings Account, click on our link on the left to learn more.

To learn more about Michigan health insurance, visit us today at

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Blog Horrors

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

It is a lot more difficult then I thought to set up this blog.  I am trying to add multiple categories and adjust the header and a ton of other stuff to it.  Once this is all complete we will be able to start posting on a regular basis.

I just watched a couple training video’s on how to do stuff and then when I went to make the changes the options they said to choose weren’t available.  What a headache…

The goal is to have the blog looking the way we like by this weekend and then posting regularly there after.

See you soon,

The Blogger

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