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Monday, November 9th, 2009

Nov 09, 2009 – Marlton, NJ. Just a few short years ago in July of 2006, Quote Matcher LLC launched a website to help potentially millions of Americans get the best prices for their multiple insurance needs. By the time this press release hits the web, more than 3000 people will have already found the best possible personal insurance quotes from using

Besides helping people get the best rates for their insurance needs, Quote Matcher wants to share specific knowledge of auto insurance quotes and relevant information to its users. By visiting the “Auto Insurance Articles” link on the website, viewers can get the latest information on auto insurance quotes written by licensed insurance agents. Read on how to get the ideal coverage for competitive costs and learn how you can have reasonably priced auto insurance that protects your needs as a driver. Users are also able to check out their state’s specific coverage requirements for auto insurance. The site has made it easy to find exactly what people need for auto insurance in their respected area. There is no need to wonder if you’re getting the right amount of coverage in your state because has made it all available to you with the click of a mouse.

Quote Matcher LLC wants users to get the best in auto insurance comparisons. Working with big name insurance carriers, there will be price options for every budget in less time than if you were to search these companies individually. It’s a one-stop shop for free insurance quotes without the hassle. There are no strings attached, just quick and easy results for the best auto insurance quotes in your area. When users fill out the easy to navigate information page, all the information sought after will be presented in a timely manner. isn’t just the best place to get free comparison quotes on auto insurance, you’ll also be able to find homeowners, life, health and disability insurance from reputable carriers by filling out one simple form. Quote Matcher wants you to save both time and money when shopping around for personal insurance quotes. Visit us at and see why thousands of Americans have already flocked to the site to meet their needs for auto insurance quotes.

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The Boring Truth About Insurance

Monday, October 19th, 2009

We all need it but don’t want to have to use. This is like the worst gamble in the world. I’ll pay you today for some tragic event that may happen to me in the future. If it don’t need to use it whew I’m lucky I only had to spend a couple thousand a year to be sure. The Necessary Evil is what I call it.

Personally, I would buy insurance even if it wasn’t required by law(auto insurance), but I hate it. How I feel is I would rather pay a couple thousand a year for auto insurance just incase something does go bad. Who knows what may happen and the costs that may arise if I don’t have it. God forbid if I caused an accident and someone got severely hurt. I would feel so bad not just because I injured the person but also because I wouldn’t be able to pay for them to get help and recover. Then the financial burden that would fall over me and my family for ever.

Home insurance is required by my mortgage company to insure their investment, I get that part. I purchase it mostly for that fact but also just incase we have a house fire or something tragic happen. I couldn’t afford to pay a 30 year mortgage for a burnt down house plus pay to live somewhere else. It’s just the way it is.

Health insurance is a different creature all by itself. Luckily we receive health insurance through my wife’s company. If we didn’t I’m not sure we could afford it. We would probably just get a policy for our kids and my wife and I would hope we didn’t become too ill. This is one of those bad bets to. This is the one we should buy most of all but it is the most expensive and that is why so many people struggle with it. We all know at some time over the next year or two someone in the family will become sick and we will need to use health insurance coverage or have a hefty bill to pay otherwise. Currently my daughter is sick with a normal autumn cold, I accidentally dropped her medicine and the bottle broke on my counter. We placed a new prescription through the pharmacy. I went to pick it up and it cost $98 for the antibiotic, the pharmacist said the insurance company would not cover a refill. I had to tell them no thank you as at the time I couldn’t afford it. Luckily our pediatrician was able to prescribe a new antibiotic the same day that only cost $15 due to our health coverage. It is amazing how much medicine costs. Never mind if you need to get it in a hospital. One Aspirin can cost as much as $10 in the hospital. Hopefully, our trusted politicians will come up with a solution to this problem.

Life insurance is a totally different situation. The is the worst bet you could place of all. You are betting that you are going to die. This is the one bet I would rather lose, but I buy life insurance for a different reason. You the know the reason. It’s because I love my family. I don’t want them to struggle if I am gone. I couldn’t image what they would go through if I were gone and then not having enough money to afford staying in our home and living the life I wanted them to have.

Well there it was the Boring Truth About Insurance from my point of view.

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Some Tips On Life Insurance

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

Life insurance can be categorized as either “whole life insurance” or “term life insurance”. Essentially, the difference is that whole life insurance is designed to provide coverage for the duration of policyholder’s life while term life insurance provides life for a specified period of the policyholder’s life.

In addition to providing coverage for a lifetime (or until the policyholder reaches 100), whole life insurance also builds up cash value over time. Coverage remains in effect for the policyholder as long as premiums continue to be paid.

Certain benefits are available to whole life insurance policyholders including fixed premiums over the life of the policyholder versus increasing premiums resulting from term life insurance policies. In addition, whole life insurance carries a guaranteed cash value. However, policyholders must maintain current premiums for both whole life and term life insurance to obtain the respective benefits.

Given the steady, predictable payments and payout, whole life is an excellent option for most people thinking about the long term future. Besides being more or less permanent, it also enables you to build up cash value free of taxation. If you decide you don’t like your policy after all, there’s no worries. You can cancel it at any time, and get the the value of insurance in cash.

Whole life insurance policies can be a good investment vehicle. Supporters even argue the cash value should compete with other fixed income investments. A policyholder can end up with a higher cash value than the guaranteed amount (variable policies do not carry guaranteed cash values) if the market performs well or the interest credit rating of the insurer strengthens. Policyholder’s also have the right to borrow against the cash value of the whole life insurance policy enhancing one’s credit profile.

The last attractive basic feature of whole life insurance one should consider, arguably the most valuable, is the opportunity to earn dividends. The dividends are set based on the overall return on its investments for the insurance company. While universal life insurance is often adjusted monthly, interest on whole life policy is adjusted annually.

You should not purchase whole life insurance if you cannot afford it or if there is a good chance that you may not be able to afford it in the future. It’s best, however, to purchase life insurance while you are still young. If term life insurance is all that you are able to afford, that’s better than no policy at all. The higher premiums found on whole life insurance are because they do cover you for the whole of your life; making it worth the higher costs if you are able to afford it. But whatever policy you choose, be sure that you can indeed afford it. Whole-life premiums will never change, and while this is good if you can afford it in the first place, if you cannot it can be very bad. Get life insurance, but get what you can afford. Any coverage is better than none at all.

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Michigan Final Expense Life Insurance Information

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

Michigan Final Expense Life Insurance

Michigan Final Expense Life Insurance, also known as “burial” or “funeral” insurance, is a life insurance policy with a low face value, such as $5,000 to $50,000, that you buy directly from an insurance company. You can name any beneficiary, typically a family member, who would make the claim and receive the money upon your death. That beneficiary would then be responsible for using the money to carry out your wishes.

The beneficiary legally could decide to use the money any way they want, so make sure you have complete trust your beneficiary. Also, if your benefit amount exceeds the cost of your funeral, the beneficiary keeps the difference. For example, if you have a final expense policy for $15,000 and your services and burial end up costing $12,000, your beneficiary would pay the bill and keep the extra $3,000.

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Final expense policies are whole life policies (which cover you for the rest of your life). They are generally either “simplified issue” policies, for which you’re asked several medical questions but don’t have to take a medical exam, or “guaranteed issue,” where the policy is issued to anyone who applies with no medical questions asked. We have lifetime pay programs, 10 year pay programs, and single premium pay programs for each consumer?s consideration. Every consumer has a different outlook on how long they want to pay for their policy before it is paid off.

People who have a serious health problem may receive a policy with a “graded death benefit,” which means the coverage amount increases over time and your beneficiaries won’t receive the full face value if you die within the first few years of the policy.
Remember that any life insurance policy can be used to pay for a funeral. You can buy any term or whole life policy and instruct your beneficiary to use a portion or all of the death benefit for your funeral. Standard term and whole life policies, however, aren’t offered in low face amounts like $5,000, which is why final expense policies can be handy if you need insurance money only to cover funeral expenses.

Michigan final expense life insurance programs can be used for all age groups. Parents can buy them on children, young adults can buy them for a separate policy next to their term life, and older adults should consider a policy.

If you have other financial obligations, such as a mortgage and dependents who are counting on you to pay for college, you’re better off buying a standard term life or whole life policy in an amount that can cover a number of family needs, including final expenses.

To receive your no-obligation Michigan Life Insurance quote, visit Or I can be reached directly at (586) 604-9669.

- Randy Palmer

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Fastest Way To Get An Insurance Quote

Monday, October 5th, 2009

Shopping for insurance quotes online can be difficult though there are hundreds of websites dedicated to providing quotes for their rates, but there’s no easy way to compare one policy to another without filling out a million forms or making dozens of phone calls!But Internet has changed the lives of a number of computer users in several ways. It houses a number of services such as news, music, movies, shopping, air ticketing, software and other similar things. Recently, a number of websites have appeared on the Internet, which is the sale of insurance contributions. The hottest and most insurance is like life insurance among all other insurance available on the Internet. This is a computer language called online shopping.

Using the Internet as a source for obtaining quotes for life insurance and health is saving time, effort and practice. When you complete an application form small they can get instant life insurance quote free of a number of lenders that compete for our business. The conclusion is that online shopping for life insurance quotes to save money and time. The time spent when used to make a number of calls and unit of an insurance agent for others in different neighborhoods in order to get insurance quote, good low life.

In recent times, most insurance lenders have adapted to a new method of selling life insurance quotes online, which is the largest consumer of friendship and help in comparing these estimates with other lenders and savings their money and time. The amounts of money spent by a person in a life insurance is enormous and, therefore, even the smallest of the money these people can be saved, while the comparison of results of life insurance quote online safeguarding the lot at the cancellation policy. Thus, the acts of buying online as a relief to most consumers.

There are a number of reasons why we should go for instant online insurance quotes for getting a life insurance policy. Some of the important ones are discussed here. Firstly, it makes the comparison of wide range of life insurance quotes possible that too instantly without causing any frustration. Secondly, we are at ease while taking important decisions like choosing the right life insurance quote and making sure that the premium which we are taking is the best available in the market and from a top ranked insurance firm. This helps us in providing insurance quotes, which are free of cost, and saves our money by not going for a paid insurance agent. Thirdly, it requires no physical examination and does not require us to provide our medical records. We don’t have to take out few hours from our normal routine to meet the insurance agent and the form that we would have to fill is also a short one.
Registering for an online insurance is very easy job; you just need to perform only few simple steps which take very less time. You only have to fill a form that can be easily done with some additional things.

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Blog Horrors

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

It is a lot more difficult then I thought to set up this blog.  I am trying to add multiple categories and adjust the header and a ton of other stuff to it.  Once this is all complete we will be able to start posting on a regular basis.

I just watched a couple training video’s on how to do stuff and then when I went to make the changes the options they said to choose weren’t available.  What a headache…

The goal is to have the blog looking the way we like by this weekend and then posting regularly there after.

See you soon,

The Blogger

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