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Today’s Insurance Safety Tips – Cold Weather

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

It’s that time of the year again.  The chill creeps into you bones.  They also creep into the bones of you home and car.  Make sure to take some preventive measure to make sure you home and vehicle are in tip top shape.

You Home.  Make sure to turn off all water going to outside faucets as they may burst due to the cold.   If you have any pipes in outside soffits that you can get to make sure they are insulated.  Make sure outside gutters are clean.  In winter run off water can collect and freeze and if gutters are clogged it may cause water damage to roof and beams adjacent to the gutters and downspouts.

Car Maintenance.  Make sure your tire pressure is set correctly.  This helps with tire traction during cold weather.  Change your windshield washer fluid to a de-icer fluid during the winter.  This way it won’t freeze and you can use it to clear morning frost from your windshield.  Do a radiator flush changing your antifreeze this will help your car run better in cold weather.  Other things to consider is to keep a warm blank and some packaged food/snacks in the car in case you break down and need to stay the night.

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Monday, November 9th, 2009

Nov 09, 2009 – Marlton, NJ. Just a few short years ago in July of 2006, Quote Matcher LLC launched a website to help potentially millions of Americans get the best prices for their multiple insurance needs. By the time this press release hits the web, more than 3000 people will have already found the best possible personal insurance quotes from using

Besides helping people get the best rates for their insurance needs, Quote Matcher wants to share specific knowledge of auto insurance quotes and relevant information to its users. By visiting the “Auto Insurance Articles” link on the website, viewers can get the latest information on auto insurance quotes written by licensed insurance agents. Read on how to get the ideal coverage for competitive costs and learn how you can have reasonably priced auto insurance that protects your needs as a driver. Users are also able to check out their state’s specific coverage requirements for auto insurance. The site has made it easy to find exactly what people need for auto insurance in their respected area. There is no need to wonder if you’re getting the right amount of coverage in your state because has made it all available to you with the click of a mouse.

Quote Matcher LLC wants users to get the best in auto insurance comparisons. Working with big name insurance carriers, there will be price options for every budget in less time than if you were to search these companies individually. It’s a one-stop shop for free insurance quotes without the hassle. There are no strings attached, just quick and easy results for the best auto insurance quotes in your area. When users fill out the easy to navigate information page, all the information sought after will be presented in a timely manner. isn’t just the best place to get free comparison quotes on auto insurance, you’ll also be able to find homeowners, life, health and disability insurance from reputable carriers by filling out one simple form. Quote Matcher wants you to save both time and money when shopping around for personal insurance quotes. Visit us at and see why thousands of Americans have already flocked to the site to meet their needs for auto insurance quotes.

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Are You Finding It Difficult To Get Discount Auto Insurance

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

There are many companies that offer discount auto insurance on all types of car policies. Did you know you will automatically get a discount if you have never been in an accident or received a ticket in the last 3 to 5 years. You can also get additional discounts if you already have more than one policy with your insurance company as multiple policies are automatically discounted. Multiple vehicle discounts are also available if you insure more than one car on a policy.

There are other ideas or ways that can get you Discount Car Insurance that many individuals may not be aware of. The type of college degree you have can lower your vehicle insurance as it was found that people with a bachelor’s degree in engineering have fewer risks then other individuals. 21st century group also known as AIG Direct offers additional discounts on your auto insurance if you have a degree in mechanical engineering, mathematics, biochemistry and other engineering and scientific fields. Scientists and engineers with no accidents or tickets can save 10 to 30 percent from the base rate.

Other occupations are also associated with lower risk and this includes people who are teachers and farmers. Horace Mann, Ohio Casualty, 21st century and Esurance all offer discounted rates for educators. You should get Free Online Insurance Quotes from these companies if you are an educator as you are entitled to an additional discount on you auto insurance. Some insurers may only give discounts if you are a college professor or certified in a specific state, but it is worth find out.

If you were in the military or are currently in the military then you can save between 2 to 15 percent. This military discount does apply to specific states. A military discount on automobile insurance is offered through Geico along with others. Geico can also drop your coverage to only comprehensive if you are suddenly overseas. If you receive hostile-fire pay then Geico will decrease your bill when you are abroad by an additional 25%.

AARP members can also lower there rates up to 45% on their car insurance through Hartford’s AARP Automobile Insurance Program. They offer specific discounts on multi-policies and multi car policies and additional discounts if you have held insurance with them for longer then five years. Basically the longer you are with the company the more discounts you will receive.

You may also get a 10% discount from MetLife if you complete an online course from the National Safety Council. All the courses offered can be taken on the web or you can order the course in a kit. All of the courses are based on the NSC’s defensive driving. Taking part in a defensive driving course is a terrific way to lower your insurance points, particularly if you have received a lot of tickets or been in an accident.

The easiest way to get the best rates on your car insurance is to compare insurance quotes from multiple providers. After your receive your quotes back, have all of your questions ready and spend the time calling up the auto insurers. They don’t apply all the discounts but they are there and all you have to do is ask to see if it applies to your policy and circumstances. By following these two steps you will ensure you receive the lowest rate possible for you.

Click Free Insurance Quotes Online to compare multiple insurance quotes.

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Ten Ways To Find Your Purpose And Meaning In Retirement

Sunday, October 11th, 2009

As you may know, people react differently to retirement. For some folks, it is the best time of their lives, a time for adventure, fun and excitement. A time when they can kick up their heels, relax, and enjoy the free time on their hands. For others, retirement is a period of boredom and insecurity. This is because they aren?t used to the flexible schedule and miss meeting and socializing with others in work related activities. They also miss the predictability of their days and nights. That said, everyone can find joy and happiness in retirement and beat the retirement blues. In fact, you can have a retirement filled with meaning by simply following these 5 tips:

1. Refocus your life ? Do not consider yourself retired in the traditional sense. Yes, you no longer work for your past employer but you are certainly not at the end of your rope. You are refocusing your life, pursuing other options you?re at a more positive turning point. This is a time for celebrating a new beginning!

2. Increase your Social Circle ? Stay connected to those events and people that you previously enjoyed during your working career. Don?t be afraid to have a social life. Join clubs and associations that interest you and get to know new people with similar interests.

3. Plan Events – Get to know people of diverse interests. Become an extrovert. Plan a dinner party or other event and invite people. Don?t be afraid to reach out to new people to strengthen other positive relationships. Not only will you increase acquaintanceships but you?ll gain a feeling of connectedness to familiar and unfamiliar group members.

4. Prioritize Health ? Maintaining good health is paramount to your success as a retiree. Therefore, you must take a preventive approach to good health. Do not wait until something is wrong to seek help. Examine your health and health habits now. Continue with your regular annual health checkups. Hire a personal trainer. Look into techniques for improving your overall well being, such as swimming, walking, weight training, yoga and meditation.

5. Stay in Shape ? Stay in shape with exercise and a healthy diet. Choose an exercise activity that you enjoy and one that you can stick to. For instance, you might try Pilates, Jazzercise or even Karate. If you prefer to work out solo, there are many appropriate books as well as videos that you can utilize in your health quest right from the comforts of your own home. Just don?t be afraid to try. In addition, you can also join a gym or take exercise classes with others. The better you feel, the more you will enjoy your retirement.

6. Join a Cause ? After retirement, you may decide to join a worthwhile cause. Not only will this improve your self esteem but you will also make the world a better place and enrich a lot of lives, including your own.

7. Increase your Knowledge ? Learning is a lifelong and exciting process. In this age of technology, take time to brush up on your knowledge or take that class that you?ve always dreamt of taking such as a cooking, painting, sewing, or computers. Do whatever you can to become a more educated and knowledgeable person.

8. Update your Looks ? Yes, you?re retired and now is the time to let your fashion sense shine. Find a great hairstylist and get good hair stylist. Get a manicure, facial or pedicure. Change your wardrobe to reflect the new and improved you.

9. Explore your Dreams ? Now that you have extra time on your hands, do what you?ve always wanted to do. Retirement is a perfect time to fulfill your dreams. Now is the time to accomplish all the things that you only dreamt about in the past. Do it now!

10. Maintain a Youthful Attitude ? Be energetic and enjoy the time you now have on your hands. Retiring from a job does not mean you have to give up everything. Just because you may be older, you can still be youthful and vibrant. Age is an attitude. If you act although you?re old- you are. If you act like you?re young, you?ll be young. Be proud of your veteran. Attitude is everything; let others be inspired by yours.

There are many things that you can do to find your purpose and meaning in retirement. By maintaining a positive attitude and zest for life, exploring your dreams, updating your looks, increasing your knowledge, joining a worthy cause, staying in shape, prioritizing your health, planning events, increasing your social circle and refocusing your life, you can do it!

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10 Ways To Transition Yourself Into Retirement

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

Let?s be completely honest. Everyone has their own dreams and expectations about retirement. Upon retirement, some folks plan to travel around the world while others simply plan to take excursions to their local beach. Whatever the retirement plan that you may have, being able to implement your goals takes a certain degree of financial security. The problem however is that financial security does not just happen but requires careful planning, commitment and yes, money.

To be a successful retiree, you must successfully transition yourself into retirement in order to meet your retirement objectives. In addition, you have to plan the amount of money you need and what you want to accomplish with your savings. After all, you?ll likely spend 35+ years in retirement so you must start planning now. In this article, we will discuss 10 ways that you can successfully transition yourself into retirement. They are as follows:

1. Debt Reduction – Make sure that you do not carry your debts into retirement. Therefore, commit yourself to paying off as much of your debts as you possibly can. Eliminate car payments, credit card debts, personal loans, etc. Do what you have to do now to squash debt and make sure that you don?t obtain any new debts either.

2. Have a Nest Egg of Emergency Funds – Have enough liquid funds in hand to cover at least a few months of expenses, without eating into your investments. Be prepared for the unexpected expenses while you transition into retirement. After all, emergencies will certainly come up but if you have a certain amount of savings, you won?t have to worry about them.

3. Adequate Insurance Coverage – Make sure that you have adequate insurance to cover your life, health, homeowners’, and auto insurance policies. Reassess your insurance needs on a yearly basis to ensure that they suit your retirement needs. Be open to making changes as needed and check out your employer?s retirement coverage. Many of folks have been unpleasantly surprised to learn that their employers will no longer cover their medical expenses after they retire. So, if you find out now, you can take the necessary steps to protect yourself and your family.

4. Retirement Income Plan – To ensure that you don?t outlive your assets, develop a retirement income plan that includes your income and expenses. Keep track of your current expenses and cut back as needed.

5. Social Security Benefits – The rules for benefits are rather complex, so talk to a Social Security representative a year before you plan to retire. By doing this, you?ll be able to understand your benefits and how much you?re covered. In addition, you should apply for social security three months before you want to start collecting your benefits or three months before your 65th birthday.

6. Contribute to a Savings Plan – If your employer offers a tax-sheltered savings plan (such as a 401K), make sure that you contribute as much as you can. Not only will this substantially lower your taxes but will also make huge difference in your financial security due to the magic of compounded interest.

7. Review Wills and Trusts – Make sure that you have a valid will and/or trust. Not only will this protect your assets but will give you peace of mind.

8. Invest in IRA – By putting money in an Individual Retirement Account (IRA), you?ll cleverly delay paying taxes on investment earnings. If you invest $2,000 in IRA at 4% when you are 30, it will grow to $112,170 by the time you are 60. Now that?s a lot of moola for simply being smart!

9. Follow Basic Investment Principles – Just remember that how much you have for retirement depends on the type of investments you make now. Learn how to multiply your savings using mutual funds, stocks, bonds, etc. Consult a financial advisor for additional information.

10. Know About Medicare – Find out when it is appropriate to apply for Medicare and then apply. The Medicare application process and premiums may vary, depending on your age and whether or not you are receiving Social Security by being aware of the type of Medicare you may qualify, you?ll be ahead of the game. For instance, the two parts of Medicare are:

- Hospital insurance, which generally you do not pay. It helps to pay for hospital, hospice, and home health care.

- Medical insurance, which you pay. It helps pay for doctors, outpatient care, and other medical services.

Follow our suggested ten steps and you?ll not only improve your mental health but you?ll also transition yourself into a happy and financially secure retirement.

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Gold Jewelry As An Investment

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Learning about investing can be very overwhelming. There are countless events that can affect the value of an investment that a lot of people are too intimidated to lay their cash down on anything, choosing instead to simply let their money sit in a bank account. If you are really thinking about investing or are trying to decide what you seriously should invest your money in, here is one recommendation: Gold Jewelry.


For gold in phisike is a cordial; Therefore he loved gold in special. – Chaucer


Gold Price Trends

Gold prices have been going up regularly since about 2004 when the price of gold really took off. The value of gold is escalating even more significantly in the USA because on and off the American dollar has been sinking. As the dollar decreases, gold soars. Gold?s value consistently increases as gold becomes scarcer. One reason that gold prices stay steady (if not on the rise) is that, for some rare reason that the price of gold decreased, the mines that produce gold simply stop operating for a season, with the result that the demand for gold bumps up again right away. The price of gold, as opposed to other investments, fluctuates independent of the stock market.

24 Karat ? The Best Investment

Many people feel that twenty four karat gold is by far the best gold investment. Twenty four karat jewelry is the purest gold that jewelry is made of. It is usually in a yellow gold color. Twenty four karat gold is the best quality investment, especially if you are wanting to invest primarily in gold jewelry, because the highest quality that gold jewelry can be obtained in is in is twenty four karat. That is the purest gold that is available, so you can’t find gold jewelry that is better than twenty four karat.

Pros and Cons of Gold Jewelry as an Investment

Like any other investment, there are good and bad points as far as investing in gold jewelry. The upside is, naturally, that gold is about the most stable thing you can invest in. You will not have to keep track of what the stock market is doing; you don?t have to pay attention to the Dow Jones Index at all. All you must do is keep your jewelry in a safe place. Of course, keeping your jewelry in good shape can be a challenge, and there is no sure way to know that the value of the jewelry will hold up as well as investing in pure gold will. It could increase faster or not quite as much as gold coins. The highest karat of gold available in jewelry form is twenty four karat and that is not without its flaws, the largest being that it can be damaged.

Deciding what to invest in is not an easy process, especially if you are new to the fields of investing and advanced financial management. The high point about investing in gold jewelry is that the price of gold almost never goes down and even if it does, it increases before too long. Gold is one of the most stable things you can put your money in because it always appreciates in value.

Gold Jewelry News at gives you useful gold jewelry information in your email free every week.
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Blog Horrors

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

It is a lot more difficult then I thought to set up this blog.  I am trying to add multiple categories and adjust the header and a ton of other stuff to it.  Once this is all complete we will be able to start posting on a regular basis.

I just watched a couple training video’s on how to do stuff and then when I went to make the changes the options they said to choose weren’t available.  What a headache…

The goal is to have the blog looking the way we like by this weekend and then posting regularly there after.

See you soon,

The Blogger

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