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Top 5 Reasons to buy insurance leads from QuoteMatcher.com

1. Internet Insurance Quotes on the Rise. The number of auto insurance quotes submitted online last year rose 15 percent from 2005. That growth has continued into 2007 with the number of insurance quotes submitted during January and February up 29 percent on the same period in 2006. Click Here for complete article 

2. Real Time Lead Delivery.  When a consumer completes our online quote form, the lead is instantaneously delivered to you via email.  

3. Qualified Leads and Motivated Consumers. Consumers come to Quotematcher.com committed to finding information on their individual insurance needs. They complete our in-depth online quote form and provide all of their necessary contact information. This means you will not only get the type of consumers you are looking for, but you will already have their pertinent information. 

4. Lead Sources:  Our affiliate programs and marketing efforts drive an ever increasing number of consumers seeking insurance quotes to our online application  

5. Price:  Most effective pricing at $7 per lead with multiple lead lines for free.  Call 866-845-6973 to speak to one of our representative now or click the register button and have one of our representative contact you to share our exclusive discounts and promotions.

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